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Mine gave me a cryptic message of some SD buss ~, quitting and it will fix itself, even showed a counter that starts at zero that never changed.

I shut it down after the appropriate time and it never started again. So I fixed it.

Placing it on it's pads with the top shut, that top has to be removed; it has a bezel (ridge) around it's parameter flush to it is the top .

With a very small bladed screw driver you need pry the top off from inside that bezel, there are some 15-20 post that keep it in place and what you have to release (not a big deal).

Taking it slow and deliberate you won't leave a mark (best to mark it's position to put back together correctly (I forgot, yet a 50/50 chance)).

Once the top is off find the battery (duh) and the wires that come from it, disconnecting it from it's female terminal on the mother board.

Watch a movie on the TV with no power being supplied to the switch, just let it alone for awhile (the longer the better).

You need for it to completely discharge -it's the capacitors that will hold the charge and time given

for them to discharge.

The power supply has no ground wire so plugging it in will just supply power.

When enough time has past - plug in the battery, and snap the top back into place.

Mine booted right up like nothing had happened.


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