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Prereq only.

  1. Disconnect the following connectors from their respective sockets on the logic board:
    • Disconnect the following connectors from their respective sockets on the logic board:

    • Wi-Fi antenna cable

    • Speaker connector cable.

    • Dock/Lightning connector cable.

    • There may be a piece of black tape covering this connector. Remove it with tweezers.

    • Make sure to pry underneath the connector and not the socket itself. Prying on the socket itself may cause severe damage.

    This was an ambiguous step. The Dock/Lightning connector and Wi-Fi antenna cable lift off fairly easily, but the Speaker connector cable does not. I ruined the existing Logic Board at this step. Not an emotional event, as I was replacing it, anyway, but showing how the connector looks, lifted out of it’s socket, would have helped. What tool did you use to pull/lift the connector from it’s socket? Prying from under the wires just stressed the wires, and I had to stop that attempt for fear of damaging the connector. Once I ripped the socket from the Logic Board, I was able to pry the two apart with my fingers, and had a better understanding of how to connect the Speaker cable to the replacement Logic Board. Sometimes these connections slide together, sometimes they’re pressed down into a socket connector. Do one when the other was intended, and you ruin things. You fell short, here.

    robk64 - Yanıt

    it would be helpful to show the image as to how to pry speaker connection cable.

    ian - Yanıt

    All connectors are pressed directly into the logic board (in the negative-Z direction). Use a spudger or, with extreme caution, tweezers, remove the connector straight out and away (plus-Z direction). Perform leverage as close to the connector as possible, to reduce any risk of wire damage. The dock/lightning connector is rectangular and centered in the depicted area highlighted in yellow.

    Josh Crim - Yanıt

    I applied some heat with a fan to the connector and pried him softly up from the left to the right. My first ipad went to !&&*, but with my workaround the second one was saved.

    Nils Grobys - Yanıt


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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is there a release for the speaker connector? i didn’t release anything and ripped the connections from the logic board off…

kvnplndrs - Yanıt

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