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iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

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  1. iPhone 4 Battery Replacement, Rear Panel: adım 1, 2 resimden 1. iPhone 4 Battery Replacement, Rear Panel: adım 1, 2 resimden 2.
    • Before you begin, discharge your iPhone battery below 25%. A charged lithium-ion battery can catch fire and/or explode if accidentally punctured.

    • Power off your iPhone before beginning disassembly.

    • Your iPhone 4 rear cover may have either two #000 Phillips screws or Apple's 5-Point "Pentalobe" screws (second image). Check which screws you have, and ensure you also have the correct screwdriver in order to remove them.

    • Remove the two 3.6 mm Pentalobe or Phillips #000 screws next to the dock connector.

    • Be sure the driver is well seated when removing Pentalobe screws, they are very easy to strip.

    using something like the 18-compartment tray will GREATLY help with this one; there are over a dozen groups of parts. For re-assembly having a digital calipers to measure the 2.4 vs the 2.6mm screws also helps greatly.

    awr - Yanıt

    My method for hardware management during delicate phone surgery is to take and print out on 8.5"x11' paper, one or more pictures of the open phone in various stages of disassembly, and then tape the screws to the appropriate spots on the pictures. Also write numbers on the pictures next the screws to indicate the order in which you removed them.

    lens42 -

    I use a plastic egg tray, I drop all the screws and small parts (like the camera) for each step into the same egg indentation. You can see that the screws are different lengths, so I don't put one screw into it's own spot. I used 5 egg indentations to replace my screen.

    Mangled Jargon -

    I did a successful surgery on my iPhone, be warned this is not for the faint of heart!

    I've done iPod screen replacements, battery replacements, this is by far much more difficult and intricate.

    Great write up! Thanks a million.

    Jaysen Strange - Yanıt

    I've changed some iPod screens as well and that has been the least pleasant experience so far. Glue and the main connector that has to be unwrapped and connected from the rear where you have no feel or control where it belongs.

    iPhone repair is complex, but doable and has very few "traps".

    mcbohdo -

    Couldn't even get both screws out of the bottom of the case. One was easy and other refuses to budge. Screws so small I can't see if it is turning or screw driver is properly seated. Sad I too have done screen replacements on other phones. Don't know any secrets to get the screw out

    ckracht - Yanıt

    I also have a problem with seeing what is happening with some of those tiny little screws and parts. For other projects that I do, I use an Opti-Visor. It slips over your head and provides 10x magnification. ( You can find them on Amazon).

    Yeah, it adds cost to the project and you would have to wait for delivery, but it sure makes a world of difference in seeing what you are working with / on.

    jhow -

    On an early iPhone 4 I found that the #000 Phillips bit included in the 54 Bit Driver Kit didn't actually fit the screws. However the JIS #000 also in the kit did fit quite well. This is due to the JIS bits "thinner" design to prevent camming out of the slot. Otherwise everything went well. Looking forward to replacing the battery in my other phone that has the pentalobe screws. Glad I got the 54 Bit kit!

    etler - Yanıt

    Use a vacuum duster and a sharp tool to pry out the dust, this can increase the volume insanely!

    Dpairs - Yanıt

    What does the park that is gold and next to the 4.8mm screw for the antenna? Looks like I am missing that part and almost positive that is why I can't pick up or connect to any wifi signals. I have the screw and the antenna from another phone that is working and tried it on the broken phone and still doesn't work. Only thing different is that gold metal piece to the left of that 4.8 mm screw. Can I buy that part? how do I attach it?

    Jay Pennington - Yanıt

    great instructions did it the first time

    Mr J - Yanıt

    For organisation of the parts and for a much easier process of rebuilding i use a big magnetic flat surface with a grid drawn on it. Then I use a dry erase marker to make any notes I need and to number the parts in order as i disassemble . Believe me it saves a lot of time and hassle especially if you drop one of those tiny screws good luck finding it but when your working over the magnet and drop a screw its going to be right where it fell. At first I tried the piece of paper to keep organised but all it takes is one small slip and you move the paper too quick and your left with a jumbled bunch of screws and parts and a painstaking task of putting it all back correctly, aka a big waist of time and effort.

    case-yg - Yanıt

    I found it very useful to use a magnet sheet when doing these repairs. I use electrical tape or a sharpie to make a grid, and place each micro screw in a separate box on the grid.

    I work directly over the magnet sheet, so that if something drops I have a better chance at not losing it.

    If you do lose a screw, go over the work area with a fridge magnet. It will pick it up if it hasn’t popped too far away.

    Megan Telliano - Yanıt

  2. iPhone 4 Battery Replacement: adım 2, 2 resimden 1. iPhone 4 Battery Replacement: adım 2, 2 resimden 2.
    • Push the rear panel toward the top edge of the iPhone.

    • The panel will move about 2 mm.

    the back won't budge! I cant get it off! what do i do?

    Debbie - Yanıt

    Use a suction cup to pull the back screen gently.

    gio -

    If the back doesn't slide in properly upon reassembly, you didn't insert the motherboard properly. Remove it and try it again, DO NOT try to force it down!

    Addison Rasmussen - Yanıt

  3. iPhone 4 Battery Replacement: adım 3, 1 resimden 1.
    • Pinch the rear panel with your fingers and lift it away from the iPhone. Alternatively, use a Small Suction Cup .

    • Be careful not to damage the plastic clips attached to the rear panel.

    • If you are installing a new rear panel, be sure to remove the plastic protective sticker from the inside of the camera lens and the sticker from the large black area near the lens.

    using suction cup with too much force breaks rear panel

    lily einstein - Yanıt

    Remove the single 2.5 mm Phillips screw securing the battery connector to the logic board- for me this Phillips screw won't budge from its place have tried all the phillips combinations 000, 00, 0, 1 and the straight /slotted 1.5 mm but nothing. can some help me please purchased a replacement battery for my iPhone 4 but not able to do it just because of this screw.

    Naved Zaidi - Yanıt

    If the screw head is not buggered, press the tip of a hot soldering iron to the screw for a second or two. Don't get it too hot, or you'll damage something.

    splaye -

    don't use hot soldering iron . the female outlet the battery plugs into is very fragile . for no extra money you can buy a battery that has magnetic tools specifically to pick this screw out . if worse comes to worse be certain the screw will come no looser then use tweezers and pick it out . the #1 fear with this technique is DO NOT DROP THE SCREW . I have done this and crawling on my hands and knees till I find it was depressing

    michael andrie - Yanıt

  4. iPhone 4 Battery Replacement, Battery: adım 4, 1 resimden 1.
    • Remove the single 2.5 mm Phillips screw securing the battery connector to the logic board.

    • Some devices may have two screws, one of which holds down the contact pad which is located above the screw indicated in red in the photo.

    I was going through the take apart and after reassembly, it seems to just sit there an power cycle. It's as though the battery is no longer working. Any thoughts as to what I may have done wrong?

    Social Apples - Yanıt

    you potentially messed up the ribbon cable from the battery to the adapter. I have done it before. Its not fun...

    barri80 -

    Use #000 fine screw driver!!!

    bfbogaert - Yanıt

    Use an #000 fine screw driver to remove two screws from iPhone 4s!

    bfbogaert - Yanıt

    There is a metal bracket that secures the connector, that will be removed before the conector is unfasten

    poseido - Yanıt

    Stuck on step 4 can't unscrew the battery screw. stopped trying as all i seem to be doing is damaging the screw any tips as to how to approach this?

    Tazziii - Yanıt

    I ended up drilling the head of one of my screws off. It was already damaged. Then I think I used needle pliers to spin it out once the plate came off and there was more room to grab the shank.

    torqvette -

    I didn't need to remove the battery !! why would you take the battery away, the motor can be removed easily with the battery in place, and the whole process would take less than 2 minutes if you exclude the battery steps

    Mohammed Fahmy - Yanıt

    I was VERY careful but the interior philips screw holding the battery in place but it stripped immediately. I see others have had this problem. What do I do now?!

    tbodington - Yanıt

    I've tried three different #000 drivers but they don't fit this screw. Stuck now. Also blows my confidence about proceeding because even if I do get this off.... I see some even smaller Phillips head screw further along in the process

    Jake - Yanıt

    If the screw is not damaged by previous attempts, the screw driver should fit perfectly. You can also tap the screw with a small mass to unlock.

    revher -

    Despite the battery replacement it’s really simple, in my iPhone 4 there was a totally different connector for the battery (I’ll post a few photos). Wider, only one screw but at the top, with a small contact clip screwed together with the battery connector, and which flies off once you remove the battery connector. By the way the battery provided from ifixit did not fit into neither any of the screw holes nor in the socket. The socket is in a different position compared to that in the pictures here and the battery connector can’t reach at the same time the socket and it’s seat. Sadly I have to give up… 🥲

    Fabio - Yanıt

  5. iPhone 4 Battery Replacement: adım 5, 1 resimden 1.
    • Use a plastic opening tool to gently pry the battery connector up from its socket on the logic board.

    • Pry from the top and bottom of the connector bracket—there isn't as much of an overhang on the sides, and you may damage the connector.

    • Be very careful to only pry up on the battery connector and not the socket on the logic board. If you pry up on the logic board socket, you may break it entirely.

    • Remove the metal clip covering the antenna connector.

    There is a small black L-shaped bracket of some sort that tits between the battery connector and the motherboard socket, with a loop on one corner that sits betwen the riserand the battery connector. Remove this now, and do not forget to re install it on assembly.

    stevesontheroad - Yanıt

    When reattaching this bracket make sure your Battery ribbon is already tucked underneath the battery with only the minimum clearance required. Then make sure the brackets overhang is over the battery ribbon. Dont try to slide it under the Ribbon.

    crimney - Yanıt

    In Step 5 be EXTRA careful with the battery connector as the socket can come off extremely easy. This can mess up the replacement a little bit and cost you extra. Otherwise, this guide is excellent.

    Good luck, fixers!

    I fix(ed) it!

    mateuszkus - Yanıt

    When removing this L shaped piece, it should be shown ON CAMERA where it came from and the exact position it was in while in the phone, I had to take 2 screws (not 1 like said in the video) out to get to this piece and once that second screw came up I didn't get a chance to see where this piece came from because it popped right out. I was extremely nervous but I believe I got it back in properly.

    kellicaudill - Yanıt

    Putting the antennae cover back in place is impossible without a good photo. I used this link to refer to:

    iPhone 4S Battery Replacement

    Ruth Kaldor - Yanıt

  6. iPhone 4 Battery Replacement: adım 6, 3 resimden 1. iPhone 4 Battery Replacement: adım 6, 3 resimden 2. iPhone 4 Battery Replacement: adım 6, 3 resimden 3.
    • Use the clear plastic pull tab to gently lift the battery out of the iPhone.

    • If the tab breaks before the battery is freed, apply a few drops of high concentration (over 90%) isopropyl alcohol under the edge of the battery. Wait about one minute for the alcohol solution to weaken the adhesive. Carefully slide a spudger under the battery tab to release the adhesive.

    • Prying in other places may cause damage. Don't try to forcefully lever the battery out. If needed, apply a few more drops of alcohol to further weaken the adhesive. Never deform or puncture the battery with your pry tool.

    • If there's any alcohol solution remaining in the phone, carefully wipe it off or allow it to air dry before installing your new battery.

    • If your replacement battery came in a plastic sleeve, remove it before installation by pulling it away from the the ribbon cable.

    • Before reconnecting the battery connector, be sure the contact clip (shown in red) is properly positioned next to the battery connector.

    • Before reassembly, clean metal-to-metal contact points with a de-greaser such as windex. The oils from your fingers have the potential to cause wireless interference issues.

    • Perform a hard reset after reassembly. This can prevent several issues and simplify troubleshooting.

    Just be careful when removing the battery with the plastic pull tab. On some units, they use so much glue that it's virtually impossible to take the battery.

    In such an instance, you could use the iPod opening tool to assist (just be careful where you stick it!)

    klubn - Yanıt

    use the iPod opening tool to pry gently under the battery from the outer edge of the phone and work towards the plastic tab. the tab is not actually attached to the battery itself, but a plastic sheet between the battery and inner frame. the adhesive on the battery tends to be under the edge of the battery nearest the center of the phone.

    David Iwanicki - Yanıt

    Understand that the plastic pull tab is part of the phone. It sits under the battery like a tray and is not connected to the battery so it needs to stay in tact.

    mattcfi - Yanıt

    once the iphone restarted, the battery was at 30%.

    baldus - Yanıt

    This i think is the most diffucult part.

    Because they use so much glue on it. I have to did this with so much force.

    Glad that i didn't kill the circuit board when i took this out.

    Shoung0690 - Yanıt

    My battery was so firmly glued in, it took a long time to slowly pry it loose. Patience is the key to this process. I could see easily damaging the circuit board by using too much force. The plastic tab did not help at all.

    The ribbon cable attaching the new battery to the battery connector clip is longer than the original. I clicked the clip into the socket first and then was very careful to fold the excess while putting the battery back in so the ribbon cable didn't kink. One kink in this could sever the battery leads.

    drathbun - Yanıt

    My ribbon cable was also longer than the original. How did you get it to not kink while placing the batter back into the phone? That seems to be my only hang up at the moment

    cvbaseballsean22 -

    Piece of cake! The hardest part was being sure the outer pentalobe screws were actually turning and I wasn't stripping them. Battery was glued firmly in, so I loosened it from the outside instead of using the plastic pull-tab. I pre-bent the battery connector neck before putting it back in and had no problems with it fitting in. Getting the battery connector aligned with the antenna piece underneath was a bit fiddly. Got the case back on, put in the new screws, and powered the phone on without problem. Had 40% charge, all seems well. Yippee!

    chezbuttons - Yanıt

    Do NOT use a spudger or similar type of prising tool to try lift up the battery. Instead, just warm up the whole area with a hot air gun or hair drier to soften the glue.

    The reason why I say don't use an implement to try lift the battery is because far too many times I've seen punctured & bent batteries come in to this workshop that have to be thrown out for safety reasons. It only takes a grain of sand, or a burr on the spudger and you're risking a potential cell rupture and potential fire.

    Just use a bit of heat ( not a lot! ) to soften up the glue and it'll come away with the plastic pull tab.

    Paul L Daniels - Yanıt

    These instructions don't mention putting the 2.5mm screw back in. I found this very challenging because it is so short, so very difficult to line it up to get it back in the hole, and very easy to drop it inside the phone. Take care.

    robshopping - Yanıt

    Apparently it's not necessary to remove the battery, but try at least (I'm curious).

    The battery was stuck (too much glue) and the plastic tab didn't help, and I ripped it...

    So I use the plastic opening tool on the other side to remove really gently the battery, it was really really stucked with the glue... Now I'll know when I'll need to change it.

    I put a little piece of tape to repair the plastic tab for the next time.

    For the other part of the guide, it was a piece of cake and I'm a bad bad handyman :)

    Thanks for the guide!

    tasseb - Yanıt

    You are right. This is the reason why their is simpler guide: iPhone 4 Battery disconnection to be used when there is no necessity for removing the battery. Disconnection is sufficient for many fixes except replacement of the battery!

    revher -

    you have to remove the battery for digitizer replacement, however i would suggest removing it at the very last stage, i.e. step 24. cause it is easier to remove without the logic board being there

    Winnie Lee -

    Adhesive was holding battery VERY firmly, so during this step I used a hair blow dryer on low setting to carefully heat up the device. Then used the plastic tool to gently but firmly pry up one place on each edge. At first it felt like barely anything was happening, but within a few tries the adhesive gave away easily and the battery came right out.

    misc - Yanıt

    The new battery from iFixit already had the cable properly folded, but before inserting the battery I used the plastic tool to press the fold closer to the battery body.

    misc - Yanıt

    Before inserting the battery I put the contact clip into position. It has a hooked shape on one side which fits between the socket and the folded battery cable. If you try to position it AFTER the battery is installed the whole process is much more difficult. I used a tweezers to hold it in place while inserting the battery.

    misc - Yanıt

    When inserting the battery I started by guiding the folded cable into position against the side of the contact clip, then proceeded to lay the battery in position. This made it very easy to have all parts in their original positions -- no need to fiddle with the battery cable or contact clip afterwards.

    misc - Yanıt

    When pressing the battery connector into the socket, the first time I pressed from bottom to top. That didn't work because there is a little tab at the top of the connector which must fit into a tiny notch or else the connector won't lay flat properly. Pressing the connector from top to bottom worked easily.

    misc - Yanıt

    Needle-nosed tweezers were very helpful when lining up the screws. After everything was reassembled I tried powering up the device, but the battery had insufficient charge. I plugged it in and immediately the screen displayed a battery with a thin red line (illustrating no charge). After 25 minutes the device sprang to life and indicated a 10% charge. At 70 minutes the battery indicated 30% charge, and at that rate should be fully charged in under 4 hours. It's fixed!!

    misc - Yanıt

    Battery is in, phone fires up, charger works. This is the first 10 minute job I've ever completed in 10 minutes, thank you!

    arkay - Yanıt

    Why they didn't say this, I have no idea: HEAT UP THE BACK OF THE PHONE! This helps the adhesive give so much easier, worth the extra 2 minutes to make sure you don't tear anything.

    Addison Rasmussen - Yanıt

    super easy, battery had plenty of glue for what ever reason, I put the screw in 1st then set the battery and was easy to set the new battery. Charge was at 94% strange seeing it next to my Iphone 6 but glad I did it as now I can use it for music and save the battery on the main phone. Thanks for a easy instruction guide.

    Greg Wischmeyer - Yanıt

    Strictly speaking re-assembly is NOT the exact reverse of dismantling. In particular do not put the battery in and then try to plug in the connector, Rather, start by plugging in the connector (having straightened the ribbon-wire attaching it to the battery) and only then re=position the battery on its (gluey) base. Also I used a wooden cocktail stick to position the antenna connector correctly (pushing the stick through the hole in the antenna piece and into the threaded base where the screw will eventually go) and then I held it all in place (temporarily) with a tiny blob of Bluetac until I managed to successfully withdraw the cocktail stick and fit the proper screw.

    Stuey 25/2/2018

    Stuart - Yanıt

    .Heating a towel and wrapping the phone for 3 min did the trick of removal of the battery.

    Athena Myring - Yanıt

    I used the plastic opening tool to nudge the battery a bit and then shoved in the guitar pick. By sliding the guitar pick over the length of the battery, the battery got unstuck very easily.

    Andre van der Ham - Yanıt

    When attaching the battery connector make sure that it snaps in place. My replacement battery connector did not snap in place and I forced it on, that caused the connector to detach from the ribbon cable. I had to solder the connector back onto the cable which requires a very steady hand and SMD soldering tools. So, if it does not snap in place with a clicking sound, the connector is probably of bad quality and your battery will probably not work. I placed my old battery back (where the connector nicely snapped in place) and am waiting for a replacement of the dodgy replacement battery.

    Andre van der Ham - Yanıt


Compare your new replacement part to the original part—you may need to transfer remaining components or remove adhesive backings from the new part before installing.

To reassemble your device, follow the above steps in reverse order.

Take your e-waste to an R2 or e-Stewards certified recycler.

Repair didn’t go as planned? Check out our Answers community for troubleshooting help.

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I used "flat" 1mm screwdriver instead of 5-Point one with success.

jacek - Yanıt

When I put the battery in, the lead going from the battery to the plug was fully extended. You need to fold it back on itself - look at the shape of the battery you just removed.

Unfortunately, I didn't realize this until AFTER I clipped the new battery in. I tried to align the battery to where it should go while it was still connected, in the process I broke one of the soldered connections on the battery connector. Wouldn't boot up and did the continuous battery recycling.

Luckily, I was able to put the old battery back in and all was working again. I don't think I'll attempt a new battery at this point...

jradi72 - Yanıt

yes they need to add that

Tim -

Hugely disappointed. iFixit sends me a battery that has corrosion on it with a black X marked on the clip, looks like it is used? And don't even mention this small part, or the folding over. C'mon iFixit you've done great stuff this is not one of them.

dprossi - Yanıt

Now that I put my old battery back in, my phone turns on but won't charge. Great. I have 68% until I have a dead phone, no battery. The battery I got from ifixit was a dud. This is a complex process--I've changed out displays on a laptop, hard drives, cpus. This is NOT a "moderate" job and needs major rework on their tips.

dprossi - Yanıt

I too got a dud battery from Ifixit. They would not replace the battery. Why… because putting in the new battery the tab coming from the battery fell off. So they used the excuse they could not check whether it was good or bad. Had to send back the battery and the repair kit to get a lousy 8.50 credit. Which the battery and repair kit and shipping cost me over 23.00 dollars plus had to pay the return postage.


Beware, watch the video, there is a antenna cover/clip that pops out easily when you remove the inside screw and has to be replaced. This was quickly mentioned in the video but NOT mentioned in the guide. Also I stripped every screw I removed/replaced, the #00 screw driver doesn't work to well and I had the original philips screws, not the pentalope screws. Also, the read all the other comments, I wish I had known the battery cable wasn't pre-bent...its tricky doing yourself.

Be careful is my word of advice and have tweezers around too!

cdthacker - Yanıt

This took much longer than the expected 10 mins. The guide made no mention that the battery cable wasn't pre-bent, and I almost bent the cable at the wrong angle to make it fit during several attempts. I tried to re-start the phone several times without success before finally making the new battery work properly.

flightjh - Yanıt

The battery change worked without any problems.

My replacement battery connector cable was pre bent so that was not any issue for me.

I am glad that I read the comment about the antenna clip.

As everyone else I needed to use a lot of force to pry the battery loose, take your time and don't rush that part of the job.

Henrik Persson - Yanıt

You guys rock! Thanks so much for taking the time to make this video!

Marilyn - Yanıt

wait a moment ,maybe it will get well

selina -

1) The screws are very easy to strip. Use a magnifying glass to examine the heads and make sure the screw is actually turning. If you do strip the screw, you may still be able to remove it using a 1 mm flat screwdriver. NB the screwdriver sold on the ifixit site worked well for me removing the two screws that hold the case together, and failed utterly removing the screw that holds the battery clip in.

2) clean the pressure contacts on both the new battery and the phone using windex or rubbing alcohol and a q-tip. Make sure not to leave any cotton fiber behind.

3) The battery ifixit sent me had literally zero charge, and as a consequence it looked like the phone wasn't working. The screen was black and would only wake up when plugged in to the wall. This caused me lots of anguish and I ended up putting the phone together and taking it apart again three or four times. But once I let the new battery charge for 30 minutes it came to life and was fine.

glen - Yanıt

Very easy to do, thank you!!


vcadario - Yanıt

Successful installation.

STEP 4: When removing the battery connector screw, I had to use heavy downward pressure because of heavy thread-lock applied to the screw during initial assembly. Battery supplied contained ~33% charge, which is normal for new batteries.

Phone powered up immediately when plugged in and is charging. Barring the new battery turning out to be somehow defective, this install was a complete success.

bwhoback - Yanıt

Followed instructions to a T. New battery would cause reboots and CRC errors in the logs every 3 minutes or so.

Turns out the battery I got on eBay for this is defective as it would not charge. After replacing it back with the original Apple battery, no more reboots. I noticed the new battery was not charging as there is no lightning icon in the battery bar on the iPhone 4 screen when it was plugged into the adapter, it only showed that it was plugged in. The original battery has a lightning bolt icon in the battery bar, indicating it's charging when plugged in.

Thanks iFixit! Great instructions! Too bad my replacement battery from eBay does not work...

Matt - Yanıt

This was my first iPhone repair. I was too cautious with the battery connector and spent longer than most would have fidgeting with it. The pressure sensor kept popping up a bit as I worked on the connector, and I wasn't sure if that was part of the tab I was supposed to leave alone. When I did get the battery out (I had to pry it out with one of the plastic shims) the pressure sensor went with it and for a moment I thought I had just destroyed this phone. Fortunately I replaced it and set the new battery, and the phone booted.

oahazmatt - Yanıt

Ich habe die Batterie und den Home-button ersetzt und brauchte 1,5h dafür. Alles funktionierte.

Aber danach kam jedesmal nach circa 2 Minuten ein Reset und das iPhone bootete neu.

Das iPhone-Konfigurationsprogramm zeigte folgendes:

<Error>: CLTM: could not find Temperature property

<Error>: watchdog: did not receive thermal notification in time: 0x000003fe

In den Einstellungen, Allgemein, Info, Diagnose & Nutzung, Diagnose & Nutzungsdaten: CRC ERR!

Grund: Keine Kommunikation mit dem Temperatursensor im Akku. Dann WDT Reset.

Akku nochmals vorsichtig ausgebaut, die Buchse vom Mainboard hatte sich komplett gelöst!

Ich konnte die Buchse wieder anlöten, 4 Pins, aussen 2 für Spannung, innen die Daten.

Funktionierte nicht. Unter dem einen abgerissenen Datenpad ist ein 0,15mm Via, dass ich auch noch kontaktieren musste!

Jetzt kommt wieder z.B.: CLTM: stale battery temp: now = 1359865173, lastupdate = 271

Auch die Batterie selbst könnte defekt sein in einem solchen Fall.

Ich hoffe das hilft anderen :-) Gruss MartinW

MartinW - Yanıt

WoW! Just finished replacing my iPhone 4 battery and I'm both relieved and impressed that it really was as simple as your site said it would be! There was a sketchy moment or two with the antennae piece but it all went pretty smoothly! This sure beats paying someone an outrageous fee to change the battery when it's easy to DIY!!! Thanks ifixit!

okhoosier - Yanıt

From the tools list it seems as though the 00 driver is the one needed for the battery connector screw and the 000 is only needed if the external screws have been replaced. I ordered only the 00 driver which does not fit the battery connector at all. Luckily I had an eyeglass driver on hand that did the job. Which driver is required for which screws should be more clear.

mpeters04 - Yanıt

I did my battery today. It was easy. Battery was completely dead when I put it in, so I retried my old one to make sure I didn't mess up the install, then reinstalled the new one. After I plugged it in about 10 minutes, I finally got the charging indicator and 5 minutes after that, it turned on with the charger connected. My original battery was VERY glued in and took a bit of careful prying. It took about 4 hours to get to 100% charge. Very pleased with the outcome so far. I will update if I have any problems, but hopefully not!

superkep - Yanıt

This is a great guide! The video and the step by step instructions makes this repair so easy.

kumosz - Yanıt

This is a great guide! IMO the hardest part is getting the battery connector on the new battery in place. The plastic connecting the battery connector to the battery has to be very carefully folded and tucked between the battery and the pressure contact, all while keeping the pressure contact in the right place. (Use the old battery as a guide) Anyways, overall an awesome guide and very happy with the kit!

ericcox1 - Yanıt

First guide I have followed. Ten minutes, job done! Great job, many thanks

Rob Fogwill - Yanıt

It would be helpful if the instructions/video addressed reassembly in more detail as the antenna connector doesn't just snap back into place and there are no photos showing how it fits. Other than that, the instructions are pretty simple.

clays4 - Yanıt

The new battery I received was dead and would not charge. I put my old one back in and all is well except for the old battery. Like a dumbass I ordered another one. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

ggoodlett - Yanıt

i replaced the battery and now when i connect it to itunes, it says there is a problem and to contact apple for help. anyone know why this is?

69gunot - Yanıt

Hi, I bought this product iOttie HLCRIO102 and it did everything I needed it to do.. Check out my review:

Ricardo Sinclair - Yanıt

Thanks iFixit for the guide! It was a piece of cake to install the battery. I'm not sure why there so many comments about it being difficult. Thanks again!

Jacob Jordan - Yanıt

Done :-)

The only tricky part was to put back the 2.5mm screw while aligning the battery connector and the pressure contact clip together with your finger!

huybui75 - Yanıt

The guide makes the process a piece of cake. The reassembly of the antenna connector should be shown in more detail. After closing the lid and pressing the top button, reboot started immediately and the SIM unlocking process went for a long (too long) time. I rebooted completely and everything came back to nominal.

jeagauthie - Yanıt

Well, the process is not nearly as easy as the demo might suggest. Pay attention to the issues around proper screwdriver size as the screws are very easy to strip, especially the battery connection screw. Warming the glue behind the battery with a hairdryer really helped immensely as the battery was then easier to pry up and remove. Because of the short length of the battery connector screw, having a tweezer and magnifying glass helps. If your screwdriver is not not securely slotted into the head of the screw, make sure it is before you try to remove and re-install it. Unless you have patience and read the comments here carefully, your chances of experiencing a glitch are high.

Sarah - Yanıt

Just completed. Mighty fiddly to work on. Only tricky part is re-positioning the battery connector so that all the items are flat and aligned for the screw to secure it. Used the plastic opener to help lift the battery out. You can hear the glue slowly giving up.

30 mins from start to finish. Now charging up. Thanks.

Alastair Dodwell - Yanıt

I used your great kit, followed your helpful directions, and powered the phone back on while charging the new battery. The phone then indicated for about the first 20 minutes that it was "searching" for a cell signal even though it was able to use the cell network. (I made and received a call during this "searching" time.) It showed a strong wifi signal as usual; that also worked fine. This "searching" indicator problem just cleared up on its own. Once the indicator switched to show the usual 3G cell signal, the problem went away. Powered down and restarted, and after a couple seconds it showed the usual 3G cell signal. Now all seems well. Thanks much!

johngoldsborough - Yanıt

Super Easy. Never could find the antennae they mentioned so I just pretended like it wasn't there and ignored that step. Phone works perfectly now.

bshanyelle - Yanıt

Mine had no antenna clip either. What's up with that?

Julie -

the metal clip covering the antenna, is it an important part or is it there just for protection ?

helio302 - Yanıt

I'd love to know the answer to this too. My phone had no antenna clip as shown in the pictures.

Julie -

I just finished replacing the battery following the instructions provided. Phone came on with battery at 58 % charge. Anybody with reasonable fine motor skills can replace this battey easily.

edgarbuzzalino - Yanıt

Worked just as documented. You do have to press down on the screws when removing them to avoid stripping the heads. One note - make sure the battery connector is aligned with the socket or you risk bending the pins when you press down.

droolinggeezer - Yanıt

Fatto ho sostituito la batteria con una più potente ed in effetti mi dura quasi due giorni, mentre prima alla sera dovevo rimetterlo in carica

Gianfranco - Yanıt

Can I use my old iPhone 4 battery and put it in another iPhone 4

Nathan - Yanıt

I DID IT TOO!! iphone fell in my pool to the bottom, and I babied it for 7 days and nights, in all kinds of rice came on finally, then boom off....make a story short now, I was convinced it was the battery, go to stupid retail store, no, have to upgrade, get a new one they would not replace the iphone 4 battery...not done, can't open it, it was past the two year contract, yada yada, needed my phone, they couldn't do a data change without battery...hard headed french girl here, got the Liberation Kit from ifixit, it came as fast as I ordered it, bing bang, was not looking forward to such tedious work...but did it, and now the battery is charging...I will take it back to stupid people and have them transfer data, but just might back it up on itunes, which I hate, or I cloud, just as hard...what should I do now, I have a good phone again, too late, upgraded to the 5

dgiddyup - Yanıt

I didn't get the guide, but just ordered the battery and screwdrivers, and watched the video (gotta say I like MJ - a no-nonsense woman...). I am not sure what all the issues are that are listed here - my repair went fine (though I did have a little bit of issue with the antenna that folks mentioned as well, but eventually it seemed to go into place). I gave the repair about a 50/50 chance of succeeding, but didn't really have much to lose, as my previous battery was barely lasting a couple of hours. When I reassembled it, voila, it worked fine, had about 33% charge. I have since used it for 2 weeks, and the battery life is almost like new, and everything works just fine. Thanks, ifixit!

jwa76 - Yanıt

The hardest part was getting the inside screw back on! If the Phillips screwdriver were magnetized, or if I'd had a pair of long tweezers, that would have gone a lot easier. But my phone no longer shuts off if I use it for more than a minute without connecting it to a power source. ;-)

I worked in the box to keep errant screws from getting away, that helped a lot. I also have one of those floor lamps with a magnifier, which helped as well. But I gotta say, MJ must have pre-loosened the battery connector in that video. It sure didn't lift off that easily for me.

lkollar - Yanıt

"If the Phillips screwdriver were magnetized, or if I'd had a pair of long tweezers, that would have gone a lot easier. "

Simply place any screwdriver a few minutes on a magnet to magnetize!

revher -

I did it! I took my phone into a river for about 10 seconds and it completely killed the battery. After drying it out it turned on but couldn't hold any charge. Bought the kit and followed the guide and my phone has come back to life! Thank you so much!

lewisgates - Yanıt

Thanks iFixit. From ordering the parts, to fast delivery to Australia, to the simple and easy to use instructions, changing the battery only took no more than 5 minutes.

I would definitely use iFixit again for other guides and parts.

genteled - Yanıt

This guide worked like a charm. No prblems with relacing battery. Thanks for the phillips replacement screws! You guys never let me down.

Linda - Yanıt

Good guide but more time should be spent on explaining the battery connector replacement and especially the replacing of the antenna which was breezed over too quickly. Other than that a great web site and you do a good service to the community at large. Thanks again.

d Clayton - Yanıt

Just completed and phone is on & charging.

Step 4 - I'm pretty sure this was not a Philips 2.5mm screw as the kit supplied Philips head screwdriver was just destroying the head. Tried the Pentalube screwdriver & it was fine.

Phil Brierley - Yanıt

Excellent service, thanks a lot! I ordered the repair kit the day before yesterday and it arrived this morning. With the help of the guide it worked like a charm, took me no longer than 10 minutes. The new battery came with 55% and is loading as I am writing this. Two thumbs up!

Christoph - Yanıt

I thought it would take longer to do this change but to my surprise under 6 mins! I found my New online goto fit it store! Going to recommend to all my friends and family about ifitit you guys did it! Thanks you much!!



ntbizz - Yanıt

First time opening my iPhone. The whole process took about 15 mins watching the video. The hardest part was tucking the battery cable down beside the battery so the connection would seat properly (use the supplied spluger to help with this).

I love fixing and repurposing stuff for added life. iFixit rocks!

Greg Hokanson - Yanıt

Did this battery replacement this morning.Followed steps to the T and it was my first time.Took 15 mins and worked perfect.New battery was dead enough to not let phone turn on so i thought i had a problem, but after 30 mins of charging worked great.


ralph - Yanıt

Did not find the antenna clip mentioned in the video and guide. Proceeded with reassembly regardless. Turned on iphone and no problems so far.

benjaminsalomon - Yanıt

Today I replaced the battery in my iPhone 4. The phone is working properly but the battery will not charge.

I tried to reset several times but does not charge .

I reassembled the original battery and everything works even charging.

where am I doing wrong ?

could be the battery that does not work ?

I asked warranty replacement .

Now waiting for their response

Andrea Zigliani - Yanıt

Guys, I replaced Battery on my good-old iPhone 4, everything went well, the phone turns ON, but won't charge. It shows charging indicator, but keeps rebooting while connected to charger.

Did anyone experience such problem? How can be this battery "activated"?

will appreciate any help.

Denis - Yanıt

It went alright.

It would have been very helpful to have the above step by step instructions include the process of actually installing the battery, not just removing it.

I added a piece of double sided adhesive tape to the battery and the phone for extra stability.

It was confusing to figure out on my own how to align the battery antenna to the connector. As was stated above, there is extra play on the battery antenna which makes it confusing to align in it with the connector board.

If the above step by step photos and instructions took us all the way through the process that would be the best.

Also, for sure a pair of tweezers in the Liberation Kit would be helpful.

mayaliebermann123 - Yanıt

For the connector you have to pry off: start from the bottom where the screw hole was, just like the video guide shows. Did the entire repair in five minutes after reading/watching the guide.

jonathancleghorn - Yanıt

I found the video very useful and the repair was easy. The iFixit kit with tools and screws worked well. Did have to pry original battery out, and I was careful to fold the cable into the same position as my old battery had.

Phone fired right up and found network. Charged it all up, glad to have a new battery.

rk12255 - Yanıt

My battery replacement went without issue (overcoming the adhesive holding the battery in place was a chore). When I attached the power cord it went into a repetitive reboot cycle - the apple logo would come up for a while, it would vibrate twice, go dark, and then repeat the cycle. I got it into reset mode and connected it to iTunes but the restore would error because the iPhone was not responding. I thought I might have damaged something so I opened it back up removed the new battery and inspected everything. All looked well. I put the battery back in and tried the restore with the same result. Based on everything I read here, I left the phone charging several hours. When I came back I tried the restore and this time it responded, the restore went through, and the iPhone is up and running.

mirk410 - Yanıt

Thank You! This was just as easy and went as quickly as described. I was pleasantly surprised that despite other comments here, my screwdrivers were magnetized already. Like others, I worked inside of the box to avoid losing the screws. A++++ Recommendation fo

mortician8018 - Yanıt

I ordered a replacement kit off of eBay for about $4 and some change. The pentalobe screwdriver worked great. The driver for the battery connector sucked. It would not work. It just didn't fit, and it may have damaged the screw head. I order the ph000 driver from iFixit and it worked great. There is a $5 coupon code (do Google search), and the $10.95 (item + shipping) came out to $5.95. Someone elsewhere said a precision screwdriver set from Dollar Tree worked, but as the head may have been damaged, I just went with the iFixit driver. I was able to change the battery, but am still running into snafus. Initially, the phone booted into ??DFU. The screen said plug into iTunes. I tried the other original battery. Same thing. It finally booted normally, but it was stuck on searching for signal. No cell signal was shown. After putting in the new battery again, it finally booted somewhat normally. The batter percentage showed 73%, which didn't make sense as it was nearly empty moments before.

J Y - Yanıt

Yes! thank you Fix it!! A success. Now plugged it in to see that apple come up again!! Leaving it to charge.

Gosh those wee screws can be a challenge to work with - just be patient. I also found using some tweezers helpful in putting the aerial back into place without adding finger prints.

amandaring - Yanıt

Battery is in, phone fires up, charger works. the first 10 minute job I've ever completed in 10 minutes!


arkay - Yanıt

Got this, did it and works! Thanks iFixit.

msaravanamsk - Yanıt

Three iPhone 4, (two 32GB and one 8GB) have their new life starting today :)

thank you

th3rm - Yanıt

Thanks for all the tips and warnings. They definitely helped to make this an easy job, done in ten minutes!

greatnewshere - Yanıt

All worked as explained. Great tutorial. Many thanks


I was trying to pull out the battery with the tab, but the tab ripped off. What do I do?

Maaz Tahir - Yanıt

Hi there! If you don't have a spudger, opening card, or opening picks, try using an old plastic gift card, or a thing plastic tool to carefully pry under the battery. If the battery is very stuck, use an iOpener, or a hairdryer for about a minute to warm the adhesive, and try prying again. Good luck!

Sam Goldheart -

Help!! - I replaced the battery without issue. Battery came out easily and new one put in. Everything works but there is no sound or mic when making a call. Seems to freeze when ending the call as well... Everything was working before... frustrating as nothing was touched anywhere else on the phone... anyone else?

Jennifer - Yanıt

You may want to open it again. Check if your new battery has the same APN- number as the original one (I got this wrong and my iPhone went crackers after a few weeks), carefully undo battery connector, clean with alcohol (IPA) or the like, reconnect and fix without touching with bare fingers, clean backside of battery connector as well, make sure the protruding spring connector for the back panel is bent up far enough to reliably touch the back panel contact spot (clean!), reinstall back panel. If it still doesn´t work with your new battery, try going back to the original one just to see if this was the cause. If it still does not work, you may have damaged the socket on the main board or unintentionally undone another connector.

askyho -

Thanks, I got it done. It was intimidating, but it it worked as shown.

danolevin - Yanıt

The guide was great with one exception: I wish you had more thoroughly covered how to get the contact clip back in place. IMHO simply saying, "be sure to get the contact clip back in place correctly" is not enough. Other than that it was a great tutorial.

Michael Scott - Yanıt

Replaced the battery at the same time as a broken display, home button, and a fidgety dock connector. Got the battery from iFixit. Everything worked ok, though the iPhone seemed significantly more sluggish opening apps. After five weeks, a cold phone said " iPhone needs to cool down..." then began constant reboot every few minutes it had been up w/ Apple logo but not progress bar. Diagnostic info showed recurring kernel panics ("bug code 110") as reboot cause. Escalated through reboot, recovery, restores all the way to complete new and minimal installation. Cleaned and checked battery connector. No fix.

Last resort: swap back to the old battery - BINGO!

Finally found out that Apple uses more than one battery type for each iPhone model. Obviously, the iFixit battery did mechanically fit, but not logically. Ugh!!

And the lesson is: before replacing, open the iPhone, check APN-number on battery and order EXACTLY that one for replacement. Make sure you really get a new one. Lots of old junk on sale!

askyho - Yanıt

Super, 2 Tage für die Lieferung des Akkus und 5 Minuten für das Austauschen. Vielen Dank!

Detlef Dohrmann - Yanıt

Super, 2 Tage für die Lieferung und 5 Minuten für das Wechseln des Akkus. Besser geht es nicht. Vielen Dank!

Detlef Dohrmann - Yanıt

Just received my repair kit for this model. It was NOT a 10 minute job but, it was not particularly difficult. Replacing the antenna connector is a tad fiddly but, with a little patience, easily resolved. Instructions and pictures for the antenna connector would be extremely useful. Teeny screws are a pain but, again, patience and perseverance. Kit arrived in great condition and upon installation, the battery was 98% charged. Most valuable parts of the video? How to properly remove the back cover and the gentle prying of the existing battery. The adhesive is, indeed, too much for the plastic tab. Thanks guys! ***** 5 stars from me!

Penelope Fenton - Yanıt

after un screw you need to pry up the glass use a flat idem like a paper clip or if you want to be real cool get a graper that can stick on to glass

Caden Craft - Yanıt

The screws were hard to put back in. SCREW YOU SCREWS!!!!

YayaDuck Gaming - Yanıt

So far so good, but please add a little about the 'grounding pin?' or whatever that tiny little black and gold bit that's under the top screw is called. Mine pinged out when I finally got my (already worn!) top screw out, and I had no idea how it was meant to fit back in. Much searching later I think I've done it right, and the phone is charging now. It said 54% when I plugged it in (with some trepidation I might add) and it's at 64% now.

Andrea Steele Williams - Yanıt

Is it possible to completely remove the plastic tab and adhesive? I accidently tore it off when I was replacing the screen.

nicjames - Yanıt

Reading the comments & learning from others who did this was as important as the ifixit guide (which is a really good guide, compared to the others I read). Thank you for making this available! Local service & repair guys told me I had to have Apple people replace my battery. I ordered one from amazon, along with a new back cover (mine was shattered from flying off the dashboard during a turn & crashing on pavement). Both the battery & the cover looked exactly like the originals & included all tools & replacement screws. I was hesitant to attempt the repair but if I paid Apple prices, we wouldn't eat this week. I read the ifixit guide all the way through twice & ALL the comments before starting. The best advice was in Comments, about the battery connector needing to be bent before installation. The whole thing took less than 30 minutes, the screws didn't strip, &everything connected smoothly & correctly, thanks to this ifixit website. The battery was good & I have had NO problems since I did this repair.

Johnnie Iphone - Yanıt

Successfully exchanged the battery, seems to work without a problem!

Nikki - Yanıt

Thank you very much. I purchased my replacement battery off of eBay and came to this site on how to replace and it was simple and clear instructions.

marvtonyakell - Yanıt

Take your time to fix the battery and add the components properly. It took me longer than 10 minutes because I was overly cautious, but it worked.

The little clip you are supposed to take out first gets replaced with the new battery. The new clip was not pre-bent, but I studied the old battery that I took out and made it look exactly the same. I bent it a little and it fit like a glove.

After I added all the parts, I took a Q-Tip with Windex on the end, and cleaned the metal parts my greasy fingers touched, and it dried right away. I was able to clean out the camera part while I was in there.

My phone works great, thank you.

Elidet Bordon - Yanıt

replacing the battery don't need more than 5 minutes lol... what is that story of 1 hour and moderate difficultly.. peace of cake

leartzajmi - Yanıt

5 minutes job lol

leartzajmi - Yanıt

Just completed the repair. Has anyone experienced this? The battery is charged at 100% and I can use the phone as long as the charging cord is plugged in. When I remove the charging cord the phone goes black and will not turn on.

Bruce Stender - Yanıt

Put my old battery in and phone turns on just fine.

Bruce Stender - Yanıt

Video instructions were easy to follow and installation of battery went smoothly so that the phone powered on successfully. However the battery connector metal plate and the immediate surrounding logic board are very disconcertingly hot to the touch and remains quite warm even when the phone is powered off (it's not connected to the charging cable as well).

Prior to install, phone went completely dead as a result of the OEM battery failing. Checked to be sure that iFixit's battery replacement is the correct model which it is. Anyone have feedback would be greatly appreciated. Concerned about potential fire hazard so battery will be removed until either's customer service advises solution or someone in the forum responds with some sort of resolution.

Rio - Yanıt

Easy and fast.

Aprox 20 minutes.

Go for it.


vgusv - Yanıt

After replacing the battery on iphone 4 it very often powers down and blocking. Then occasionally it restarts by its own. Some times I am unblocking it. What do you advise me? The rate of charging is very low, ie the full charging takes hours.

Chronis - Yanıt

OK so I didn't do it on 2 minutes but...

Happy with the "How To" & happy with the parts order (Battery / Fixit Kit) had the iPhone 4 apart and back together in about 5 minutes.

Its going to take longer to re-calibrate the new battery "running it down less than to 10%" than it took to physically replace the battery.

Another good experience at iFixit!

addonii - Yanıt

I am a total novice and not comfortable attempting to replace the battery myself - particularly after reading all these reviews about more adept people having various kind of trouble doing the same. Is there a store or location I can take my iphone to have (pay) a professional replace the battery for me? Appreciate any insight.

Yoda - Yanıt

This was easy. I had watched several different videos before I started and the results were very good. Here are a few tricks I picked up:

1. Have a lot of light to see the small parts

2. After removing the back cover, remove the Phillips screw that holds the battery connector and pay attention to the orientation of the hold down clip on the battery connector.

3. The old battery is glued to the back of the phone housing so use the pry bar/spudger to pry up on the battery on the side away from the connector and the top and bottom. Then pull up on the plastic tab to lift the battery up and out.

4. When you place the new battery in position hold the battery in your right hand above the phone case and clip in the battery connector in first with the battery up on an angle to the right side. When the battery is clipped in place, accordion the flex connector and place the battery in where it goes.

This was easy.

Robert Norris - Yanıt

Put in new battery as instructed. Phone powers on . Reset Internet.

Everything works except phone battery won't charge up. Any input ???

scott michael - Yanıt

Easy and fast.

ifixit :-)

arstxopo - Yanıt

I replaced the battery of iphone 4, after i had put it on charging, the phone did not switch it on even after putting it on charging for long. It kept on showing charging sign but nothing else happened. Then suddenly, it got on and within 20 mins it drained out and went into the same mode. What should i do? Is there any other problem as well apart from battery? Please help!

Dhruv Jain - Yanıt

please i just noticed that my iphone 4 ,will just go blank at time, and when someone calls me it will be ringing,but i cant answer it cos is blank, what should i do.

Henro- 24,Jan17

Henry Akalawu - Yanıt

Thank you - you saved me $75 which is what the computer guys wanted to change my battery. It took me about 5-10 minutes to make this change. Yes the battery connector needed to be folded but looking at the old battery I saw what needed to be done.

Gloria Nelson - Yanıt

Took longer to watch video than to replace battery. Those are some tiny screws for a guy who wears a size 14 ring. Good instructions, proper tools, good conclusion. Thanx

Jeff Crabtree - Yanıt

Battery was replaced fairly easily. It would have been helpful to have included some of the commenters suggestions in the original instructions with accompanying enlarged photos.

Robert Joynt - Yanıt

About repairing tiny tech tools:

It can take a lot of time to orient one's perception to such a tiny and precise 3-D "operating theater," especially adjusting one's tactile sensation to a fair level of precision! Be kind to your self; if you're too hurried, and perhaps !#^&@@ off at loss of convenient function of a costly tech-tool, that, like all created things, is subject to Entropy ( the natural progress through time towards disorder), you very well might do damage to the tiny fragile components inside. ..... I mean in the PHONE, right?

I use a small speaker-magnet, or any small magnet. The screws stay put, while I plead with, or yell at other phone-stuff. By the Way... use no rare-earth element magnets; they won't let go of the screws, which can therefore fly out of your hands! Ah, the site says "too long!" A successful Blather! I have enjoyed this! Thanks, all you beings!

Peter Moffitt - Yanıt

All went well! I was a little surprised that the otherwise well-thought-out replacement kit had no instructions included, so that I needed to do the replacement while sitting in front of the computer. Not really a problem!

Ryder FitzGerald - Yanıt

Thanks for this tuto, went well! I bought iphone 4 batery here

Frans - Yanıt

The specialized tools included in your kit were perfect for the job, as were these instructions. The old battery came out just as you described and the new one went in without a hitch. I calibrated the new battery as you instructed and my trusty old iPhone 4 fired up like it was brand new.

I'm especially pleased because I'm 80 years old and I worried that I might not have the manual dexterity to take on a job like this. Apparently I did.

Thanks so much for a wonderful product and for the tremendous cost savings!

Eugene Koehler - Yanıt

Just done. Thanks to the instructions and to all the other guys that added their own experiences and suggestions. All them were really useful to me. I suggest to reas carefully all this page from the beginning to the end, then take your time, don’t be nervous, think before touch, move, install and feel happy at the end. Ciao!

Giuseppe Turri - Yanıt

If the site crashes one of your tab of Google Chrome, other open tabs will not be affected. You may browse the internet without being logged using chrome’s new private feature.    [|UC browser customer support]

Aarun Patil - Yanıt

Worked a treat. Thanks

casey - Yanıt

The instructions make it clear what to do. But, if this is your first time to do this then I strongly recommend reading the comments below placed by others before you start on this project. Review the instructions several times before starting and have them handy as you do it. Take your time.

I found it easier to connect the battery and then set it into place, else you can find yourself fighting with the the battery connector. Not every phone battery is glued in place exactly the same. Wife’s phone battery did not want to come out, fought me the whole way. My phone battery popped out easily.

Also, check the tool kit before you start. I had fortunately ordered two batteries and two Fix-It kits - good thing - because one kit had three Y000 bits and no P2 Pentalobe driver.

Michael Grabbe - Yanıt

The job is moderately easy with the correct tools. Having to improvise takes more time to get it right. All instructions are correct and I completed the task pretty quick using an eye loupe (5X) and a 1 MM flat screw driver. Everything went back together OK even with the sealing compound on the screws. I would give you a B+ for your work. Emphasising using the correct tools might help a little . All in all, if you have worked on computer motherboards and such, this job should go well for you. Make sure you have a newspaper or rubber mat under your work to catch the screws. They will jump out and fall if you work too fast. Good Luck! Bob

Robert Sare - Yanıt

I have replaced the new battery from ifixit about 6 times, and it’s not charging. The connector on the new battery has a minor change from the original, and the battery connector hole is slightly offset from the battery hole. It seems to snap in correctly, but all i get is the flashing Apple logo. I tried a hard reset, the iTunes button came up, but nothing else, then back to flashing. Anyone?

Jerry Vaughn - Yanıt

sure okay I get it now

emani - Yanıt

This is utter madness. IMPOSSIBLE to reinsert that tiny antenna contact thing…, the battery connector won’t line up….TAKING TO APPLE STORE TO HAVE A PROFESSIONAL do it. That video is pretty close to nonsense….she takes out a tiny something and NEVER puts the damned thing back in! Gosh guys, for real????

robby - Yanıt

Figured out why - the battery won’t seat so it won’t go in. MY battery has 2 tiny screws and this battery has one and the screw hole on your battery is not in the correct spot either. Do I have a special battery??? Please advise.

robby - Yanıt

Hi Robby, it’s possible that you might have an iPhone 4S, not an iPhone 4. Check out our iPhone 4S battery replacement guide. Unfortunately iPhone 4 and 4S batteries are not compatible, so you’ll have to contact customer service if you ended up with the wrong one. Hope that helps!

Sam Goldheart -

Battery arrived as expected, cable is not bent but fully flat and stiff. Attempted to match bend of original battery to as to be able to install it into the device. First bend of cable de-laminated copper wires at the battery end of the cable coming out of the battery. Finished installation just in case what I was looking at that appeared to be bare copper was maybe just missing paint. No go, only does the flashing Apple Logo and never boots or will not even do the Factory Reset. Reinstalled old battery which at least allows for booting the device again. This appears to have been mostly a waste of $15.00 except for the nice little tool set that I know I will get additional use out of. Review of the return policy has me wondering if it will be of any value to attempt an exchange or return…..since I was the one who bent the cable…..

Stephen K Weishaar - Yanıt

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your order and for your feedback about your repair experience. We’re sorry to hear of the trouble in having to adjust the fold of the battery cable. This is something we’d consider to be a defect if you were unable to get it working correctly.

Our Support team will reach out to you via email, as we’d certainly like for you to have a successful repair.

We look forward to assisting!

Kadan Sharpe -

Dear ifixit, I followed your guide and instructions for replacing the battery on my iphone 4 and I did the replacement in just 10 minutes successfully. Thank you very much for the very clear and neat instructions. I am 71 years old and I assure you that so far I spent a lot on mobile repairs by technicians but from now on I can trust only myself and your technicians only. Once again thank you very much.

Soterios Yiallouros 30 July 2018

soteriosyiallouros - Yanıt

My battery had started swelling so I decided to replace it. It turned out to be a very simple procedure. Thanks iFixit!

Replacing a swollen iPhone 4 battery

Kim A. - Yanıt

so, I discovered that the last person who tried to replace the battery didn’t use the right screwdriver holding the battery in place - does anyone have any ideas about how to get that small of a stripped screw out that holds the battery in… thanks. Will

Will Knapp - Yanıt

Disassembly and reassembly went well and quickly… however…

When I plugged in my old iPhone (hard restart), it already claimed 61% even with a brand new battery. It also thought it was 6 years in the past, and couldn't sync with any wifi signal. I re-installed my old broken battery, and everything was back to normal. So I re-re-installed my fancy new battery and: 61%, December 31, 2012 on the calendar, and no wifi. Also, I can't unplug it, or it dies, even after 4 hours on the charger. I think I might have wasted $25.

Michael Bailey - Yanıt

For Will Knapp: If you have a selection of driver bits for your driver shank & handle, try different bits not intended for that Phillips or Pentalobe or other fit on that fastener. Also try angling the driver with various driver bits, to get a grip on the stripped head. This is good to try on any fastener with a stripped head. And use extra pressure to get a grip, before applying torque.

lumloy371 - Yanıt


Craig Collins - Yanıt

Battery solder clip broke off trying to bend clip in to place - wasted money

Michael Crack - Yanıt

Well, this is 2021 and my original iPhone 4 battery just quit. I use the phone as a data backup - not calling. The Ifixit kit was awesome. Phone repair places will not touch an iPhone 4 anymore. I read the instructions and the comments. My battery replacement well perfect. I can see that ifixit listens to comments, because the new tool set addresses some of the earlier comments. Thanks a lot. I’ll recommend you and use you in the future. Good Job !!

Richard Helms - Yanıt

Super easy guide to follow. I finished in about 5-12 minutes.

Ali Wafa - Yanıt

Awesome iphone 4 replacement battery and tool kit. Took my time and in about 15 minutes I was up and running again. Everything I needed was in the kit including two new screws I didn't know was part of the kit. Video instruction was well done and easy to follow. I'm very happy with the products and excited to have this phone working again! You guys were a great find!!

Michael Passanante - Yanıt

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