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使用本指南来更换传感器电线,包括iPhone 5s的前置摄像头、麦克风、传感器和耳机扬声器。


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    • 本步骤要求从你的前面板组件,移除前置摄像头和感应排线。

    • 前置摄像头和感应排线被粘在了前面版上。

    • 使用一个 iOpener 来软化胶带来安全移除。我们的iOpener使用步骤 可以教你用。

    If you just want to get underneath the LCD plate, e.g. to clean water/drinks that got in there, skip to step 34. There's no need to peel off those connectors or use the iOpener heat. Here's a photo:

    Dan Dascalescu - Yanıt

    In my case, my front facing camera was just foggy, and I suspected dust had got in there (was correct in the end). In this step I had to remove the shield (which you can see still attached in Step 16), which is over the camera itself. It was then possible to gently lift the camera out of it's socket and clean.

    Robert Colvin - Yanıt

    Robert -You were able to lift the camera just by itself? I would think the cable doesn't have any extra slack to allow the camera to move without detaching the cable on one end.

    Paul Astrachan -

    Quick tip: if you can't afford/wait for/don't want the iOpener, filling a small portion of an ankle cut cotton sock with rice (to about the size of a golf ball), tying it closed, and putting it in the microwave for about 25-30 seconds can work just as well!

    ndauphin583 - Yanıt

    I used a cherry stone pillow to heat up the display. I though it could be nearly the same as the iOpener one. It worked out very well

    Denis Kiesel - Yanıt

    Do not skip this step. The proximity sensor is very easy to peel off the flexible circuit board if the adhesive isn't loosened.

    Cedric - Yanıt

    I always use UNDU adhesive remover instead of heat. Works great for all adhesively mounted parts. I have used on numerous iphones and an iPad. If the glue stays stuck to the right part, then it is reusable still sticky when the UNDU dries out. When used on Home/TouchID button, it made the rubber membrane soft and misshapen, but it returned to normal shape when it dried out.

    3M thin VHB tape 5908 can be used to replace any needed little sticky bits.

    B Louis - Yanıt

  1. 用镊子把粘在屏幕上的排线轻轻撬起。 用镊子把粘在屏幕上的前听筒排线轻轻撬起,让相机和感应排线与前面板分离。
    • 用镊子把粘在屏幕上的排线轻轻撬起。

    • 用镊子把粘在屏幕上的前听筒排线轻轻撬起,让相机和感应排线与前面板分离。

    • 注意,只要撬金属触点的下方位置,否则的话你很可能会弄坏边上的传感器和电路片。

    People, we carefull while removing, IFIXIT guys are not being aware of putting in the guide about the really easy way you can brick the cable. from the contacts down there is a sensor that will come loose easily from the cable if not pryed up! i dont know why they didnt put this HUGE in the guide.

    Alma - Yanıt


    I have bricked two of these cables now. Can you give me a step by step approach to removing the proximity sensor cable....I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I insert a flathead screwdriver underneath the part of the cable that doubles back and lift from there. What do you recommend?

    Thank you,

    sachock - Yanıt

    I got stuck on this step for a while. The cable itself is really thin and I thought it had a piece of plastic underneath it but this is actually part of the display assembly and not the cable.

    warren5236 - Yanıt

    Yeah, I kept applying more heat only to realize the same thing. The gold contacts are sitting on a very thin flexible plastic strip that you need to peel up.

    jonl -

    I also kept trying to remove the plastic too… so thin film to remove only.

    turo - Yanıt

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  3. 用小撬棒把感应器从卡槽撬起。 Use the point of a spudger to lift the ambient light sensor and proximity sensor out of their recess in the display assembly.
    • 用小撬棒把感应器从卡槽撬起。

    • Use the point of a spudger to lift the ambient light sensor and proximity sensor out of their recess in the display assembly.

    • There is a small, square plastic and metal holder for the proximity sensor. This holder is essential for the proximity sensor to function correctly.

    • If replacing the proximity sensor make sure that the holder remains adhered to the back of the display. If it comes off with the old proximity sensor, remove it from the old sensor and use a tiny bit of adhesive to re-attach it to the back of the display.

    This step doesn't give complete information.

    The proximity sensor is adhered to the frame and must be loosened CAREFULLY and SEPARATELY before applying any pressure to the ribbon itself. It is extremely easy to tear the sensor from the ribbon, meaning when you're on a call with the phone next to your face, any touch will "press" an on-screen button. Look up images of these components to see exactly where they are placed and what they look like.

    mikemckinnon - Yanıt

    Hello! I dont know why but I cant make the proximity sensor work. My front camera is working... I don't know what i'm doing wrong, can you help me with that?

    jesusbe -

    Under the proximity sensor, there is an little white sticker.

    You have to put this on to the new screen,

    otherwise the proximity sensor will not work properly.

    To get it off, try to heat the spot (for example with the iOpener).

    FaKlein - Yanıt

    Yep, brilliant piece of advice. I would have missed the white diffusing paper if not for this comment. Thanks!

    jonl -

    Thanks, I would have miss that one !

    K8L -

    thank you! this is a HUUUUGE note.

    palatucci -

    proximity sensor holder, the one with the half metal square should be centered on the two small translucent openings of the front panel otherwise it doesn't work. Mine was misaligned I had to remove and glue it again to make it work.

    osmanalpay - Yanıt

    The bracket for the proximity sensor is critical. some more detailed pictures and guidance would be helpful here. After attempting to replace the screen with a new screen that did not come with the proximity sensor, buying a new proximity sensor bracket, etc. I finally gave up and bought another screen that included the front-facing camera and proximity sensor pre-installed.

    Jay Seaman - Yanıt

    also, make sure you get the tiny rubber gasket that the prox sensor fits into snugly against the display. when i popped the sensor off, the gasket stayed behind, and i couldn't get the sensor to fit properly in the new display. i checked the old one again and saw the little rubber gasket that contours to the front camera lens opening on the display assembly. pulled it off with tweezers, and used it to get the prox sensor properly seated on the new display. i wish i'd taken a picture of it, but, well, my phone was in pieces in front of me.

    palatucci - Yanıt

    I recently replaced a broken screen. The screen had shattered in the earphone area, and since the phone was new to me I didn't know about the camera clip and proximity sensor holder. These parts are just a few dollars online. I believe they are essential. My front camera has visible drift and the proximity sensor doesn't work.

    saifalgianfar - Yanıt

    I also had to remove the tiny black rubber gasket and move it to the new display. This was not easy. I also had lots of trouble getting the proximity sensor back in place during reassembly. I seemed to have another connector near the camera that had to be reconnected, but isn’t mentioned in this guide. More pictures on a white phone might make it easier to see all the tiny parts in this area.

    smacdvm - Yanıt

    Make sure your new screen does not have the plastic bit that holds the proximity sensor before you try to put the one from your old screen in. Mine came off with the proximity sensor, and I had a devil of a time figuring out why the proximity sensor wouldn’t seat.

    Calion - Yanıt

  4. 用平头塑料撬棒把前置摄像头撬起。 Use the flat end of a spudger to gently peel the front-facing camera portion of the cable away from the display assembly.
    • 用平头塑料撬棒把前置摄像头撬起。

    • Use the flat end of a spudger to gently peel the front-facing camera portion of the cable away from the display assembly.

    When reassembling, I found an unknown, small black plastic piece on my work surface. It wasn't anything that I'd removed in any step. It had a curved section and a small tab, the whole thing was less that 1/4". Nothing in any of the instructions mentions it.

    I finally figured out it was supposed to go just to the right (while looking at the open back of the screen unit) of the hole where the camera fits. The semi circle hugs the side of the camera when you reinstall.

    This had me going nuts for about 30 minutes. Hopefully this info can help you avoid that.

    Mike Yagi - Yanıt

    That rubber piece should be put back on the ambient light sensor (pink, purple). Like you said, it hugs against the front camera.

    Didier Daniel -

    I gotta say, reassembling this assembly it very fiddly and painstaking. There are lots of little parts that need to fit into other little parts while engaging yet other little parts. Seriously, and exploded diagram of all these little parts would be helpful! I took my time, used a very bright light and a magnifying hood while disassembling and reassembling and it really helped.

    Sheldon Carpenter - Yanıt

    The small black piece is part of the front facing camera housing, can I also point out to make sure that you remove the clear plastic camera lens housing from the old screen too, and make sure that this and the small rubber housing are placed onto the new screen as these are what hold the lens, the microphone and the ambient light in place. There maybe a small amount of glue around the lens housing which needs to be removed with a sharp blade, please take care when doing this.

    Roberto Enrieu - Yanıt

    Thanks Mike and Didier, great help !

    tahiruysal - Yanıt

    What is that thing for? I replaced the section for my brother and his cheap repair part came without that thing to stick on and it seems to work…

    Jokl92 - Yanıt

  5. 小心翼翼的把排线从屏幕挡板上撕下。 Carefully peel the cable assembly off of the LCD shield plate to remove it from the display. Be careful not to grab the digitizer cable while peeling up the front facing camera and sensor assembly cable.
    • 小心翼翼的把排线从屏幕挡板上撕下。

    • Carefully peel the cable assembly off of the LCD shield plate to remove it from the display.

    • Be careful not to grab the digitizer cable while peeling up the front facing camera and sensor assembly cable.

    I would skip Step 24. Why would you remove the very delicate cable assembly from the LCD shield plate only to reattach it to the same shield plate after fastening the shield plate to your new display assembly...

    kevindfrye - Yanıt

    Indeed. I just did one today and realized it would have been fine to leave it. Better even.

    Paul Jerome -

    Only minor thing: It's step 25 you should skip. I replaced my wife's last night and skipped it. Skipping Step 25 was definitely a wise thing to do, since you're simply putting it right back on the same piece once you put the phone back together.

    pbpope -

    Does anyone know what the copper sticker is for? I accidentally ripped mine apart trying to get it off, it tore easier than paper, being that I didn't even notice I did it until I noticed it was ripped. I also thought to myself, why the heck did I remove this thing when I didn't need to. I've been trying to google it. it might be "iPhone 5S Rear Camera Cooling Copper Adhesive Sticker" but there is no reference as to how big that is. Anyway, I assembled it as normal and the phone works perfectly fine. So any help would be appreciated.

    aaron - Yanıt

    I got the same problem with the copper sticker,it has been tore! Is anybody can explain what does it for and where can i get it?!! Because the phone not working properly. Any help would be appreciated.

    Mark - Yanıt

    Didn`t tear it , but there is no use in removing it since reusing LCD protector later, !@#$%^ me off. :-)

    eriwolde - Yanıt

    Why remove the copper sticker? Why not leave it attached since your are going to reuse LCD protector. Remove the home button before the camera and light sensor and save the LCD protector for last with everything attached to it.

    Marshall - Yanıt

    I thirdly will ask for what the copper sticker is for!? I thought some kind of grounding?? I tore mine and the front facing camera is fuzzy now. It looks grainy. Almost like it isn't grounded good. ANY advice here would be appreciated.


    Kent - Yanıt

    Agreed. Skip step 25. I can't fathom why it's in these otherwise excellent instructions.

    leanit - Yanıt

    Agreed - you don't need to do this step

    kevinhay - Yanıt

    Also skipped this step.

    jonl - Yanıt

    I tore mine also...wish I would have come here and read these helpful tips first.

    Michael Huber - Yanıt

    The copper sticker is some kind of ground connection, and is therefore probably very important given the frequencies present inside the phone, and that the phone is itself a radio transmitter and receiver. I too followed the instructions and removed it but I was super careful and didn't tear it, and was able to reattach it. I used the spudger to smooth it and ensure that it makes good contact with the shield. It didn't even occur to me to skip the removal step! But I agree with that advice.

    Mark Cousins - Yanıt

    Replacement Front Camera and Sensor Cable didn't have such sticker. Where this sticker should be reattached?

    fedor -

    step 32:while removing that piece on the LCD shield plate , I sheared that cable which is connected to the shield plate, so I skiped it and completed fixing, after that I found out that my iphone is not working .. I don't understand the problem from this cable or from the new screen ..

    please help ..


    maamoon95 - Yanıt

    I phone 5s. During peeling off the shield plate from the LCD plate i damage it. What parts should i buy to replace this shield plate?

    Sanevich - Yanıt

    I did the same as the above to people what part do i need to replace to fix this. I think this is causing my touch portion to not work. My email is

    Cameron Goins - Yanıt

    I also ripped the copper cable. However when I booted the repaired phone without it, it wouldn’t boot. It was stuck in a loop. To fix this and it worked for me, hold the home button and power button until the phone display turns on again

    Jon Nugent - Yanıt

    What is the sticky plastic that I am peeling off called I tore that. Can I replace it?

    Tabatha Hurley - Yanıt

    If you stuck as me with attaching copper to back of the camera try:

    1. put camera into the slot

    2. move cables in that way to see metal back of the camera

    3. copper should be able to stick into the camera in ‘natural’ way

    Bartosz Kolada - Yanıt

    In Mine,it is attached to the head of the it was connected to it.

    cesar-kramer - Yanıt



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Be great if someone could put together some *reassembly* instructions for this. Particularly the section on the camera and sensors area.

Phil Thomas - Yanıt

It seems like a lot of steps have gone missing from this guide. The related guide (5SE) has much more explicit instructions for the same activity and should be used instead of this one. iPhone SE Front Facing Camera and Sensor Cable Replacement

Jeannie Crowley - Yanıt

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