Replace a cracked or faulty display.

  1. Before opening your iPod, ensure that the hold switch is in the locked position.
    • Before opening your iPod, ensure that the hold switch is in the locked position.

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  2. Carefully insert an iPod opening tool in the seam between the metal casing and white plastic top.
    • Carefully insert an iPod opening tool in the seam between the metal casing and white plastic top.

    • Lift the top bezel off the iPod. It's glued on using a mild adhesive, so some force may be required.

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    • When removing the bottom bezel, be sure not to bend the plastic surrounding the dock connector.

    • Carefully insert an iPod opening tool in the seam between the metal casing and white plastic bezel.

    • Lift the bottom bezel off the iPod. It's glued on using a mild adhesive, so some force may be required.

    I tried using a heat gun to soften the glue, but it ended up melting the white plastic part.

    gordonhamachi - Yanıt

    • Remove the following two screws:

      • One #00 Phillips screw with a large head near the headphone jack.

      • One #00 Phillips screw with a smaller head near the side of the iPod. This screw strips easily, so be sure to press down firmly on the screwdriver.

    On the iPod I worked on, #000 Phillips was the correct bit. Not #00.

    Eric - Yanıt

    • Use a metal spudger to carefully pry the headphone jack out of the casing. DO NOT remove the headphone jack from the iPod entirely, as it is connected via a fragile ribbon connector to the click wheel.

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    • Slide the headphone jack out until the white plastic housing is no longer held in place by the metal casing.

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    • Remove the newly-revealed Phillips #00 screw from beneath the headphone jack. Be careful, this screw is easily stripped.

    I logged this as a success, but I actually wound up stripping the screw on this step (I printed out earlier instructions that didn't have the warning). Reassembled it without said screw and I'm hoping for the best!

    anja - Yanıt

    The screw on this step also stripped when I was following this tutorial, despite being very careful and taking the time for everything. This really happens _REALLY_ easily!

    I too reassembled the iPod without this particular screw. So far I've noticed no side-effects from this.

    Ultimately I was able to complete the whole guide and repair the Nano succesfully! :-D

    wil - Yanıt

    i have also stripped this screw in this step. can i change the display without removing this screw? any help is greatly appreciated

    Lori Baldridge - Yanıt

    I used a Phillips #000. No issues with the screws.

    JPagan - Yanıt

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    Spread Fixmas Cheer
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    • Lift the bottom bezel bracket out of the iPod.

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    • Remove the two Phillips #00 screws from the top of the iPod.

    Had to pick out resin with dentist tool to enable Philips driver to engage screw heads.

    Need to be very slow and careful with sharp end of dentist pick.

    afdelaurier - Yanıt

    Use a Phillips #000.

    JPagan - Yanıt

    • The highlighted connector attaches the click wheel and headphone jack to the logic board. This cable must be disconnected from the logic board before continuing.

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    • Use a spudger to disconnect the headphone jack cable from the logic board. You need to gently pry the connector toward (or up, if you like, the connector is like LEGO® building blocks) the front of the iPod until it comes loose from the logic board.

    • Special hint for the reassembly: Push the connector inside until it is over the corresponding connector of the logic board. Then insert a thin tool over the connector and push it down onto the logic boards connector.

    When reassembling, the jack connector cable broke :'( iPod woking fine, with a new battery.... but no more sound. Grrrr

    TheRV - Yanıt

    • Use a spudger to push the logic board through the iPod out of the casing. The click wheel and headphone jack should remain in the iPod.

    • Be careful not to catch the headphone jack and click wheel on the logic board as you remove the logic board and display.

    The headphone ribbon and the click wheel is on the top side of the cover, so be sure to apply force toward the down side to avoid scratching the click wheel's PCB.

    lioneltailhardat - Yanıt

    Before pushing I carefully used the spudger to move the top bezel (with the hold switch) out of the case first. Be careful, it’s got a tiny ribbon cable. But getting that out first made the logic board slide out relatively easily.

    jack.jansen - Yanıt

    • When removing the logic board, place the tip of the spudger into the hole where you removed the screw and gently push it out. The crevice will keep it in place and decrease the chance of you damaging your board.

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    • Completely remove the display and logic board from the metal casing.

    • When reassembling, ensure that the battery is well seated. If the fit is too tight, the edge of the display will score the inside of the screen window.

    When sliding back the logic board, watch out not to put too much stress on the side with the screen and the window, cause it may lead to annoying stripes on your window

    Jasper Jonkman - Yanıt

    reassembly : use a small dry paint brush to remove dust and crime from display screen to avoid spots .

    afdelaurier - Yanıt

    • Use a spudger to gently pry the battery up from the back of the display. Be careful not to put too much pressure on the display with your spudger.

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    • Use a metal spudger to carefully pry the metal bracket off the back of the display. Make sure you only pry off the bracket and not the clear shielding on the rear of the display. By working from the inside of the display, you won't be able to accidentially pry up the clear plastic shielding.

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    • Peel up the orange tape covering the display ribbon cable.

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    • Use a spudger to flip up the black plastic tab holding the orange display ribbon in place. The tab will rotate up 90 degrees, releasing the ribbon cable.

    The plastic tab is very fragile. Mine is broken while repairing and now I do not know how to fix the ribbon - has anyone an idea???

    minne - Yanıt

    iput in the screen but it shows up completly white. does the screen not work or did i put it in wrong somehow?

    psycho - Yanıt

    is the second ipod to repair and is already making my life easier, a tip: when making repairs, I do it slowly, very slowly ...

    Fito Contreras - Yanıt

    the above comment, do not use metal tools on ribbon.

    this would likely to tear ribbon or damage plastic tab, its good practice on any micro PC boards.

    afdelaurier - Yanıt

    • Slide the display ribbon out of its connector and lift the display off of the logic board.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I also had a white screen. I emailed ifixit support and Brady Cabe suggested I reseat the display connector. That did it!

One hint: when you reverse the steps, you will have to reinstall the top bezel but you don't have to completely reassemble the bottom in order to test it. The earphone plug can be left hanging out (avoiding wear and tear on the fragile ribbon cable) as well as the metal brace and the three screws that hold everything together at the bottom - that reduces the possibility of stripping the screws. In my case, I did strip one of the bottom screws: the screen was broken in a car accident that also bent the case enough to make it hard to get to one of the teeny tiny screws. Even though I stripped that one, I was able to get it out by turning it with a (tiny) straight blade screwdriver: there was enough purchase for that even though the head of the screw does not have much material left.

nick - Yanıt

I found that a 000 Phillips screwdriver worked FAR better than the 00 for all of the screws. Also, the one I repaired had a surprising amount of adhesive holding the battery down. The square end of the plastic spudger worked well to separate the battery from the rest of the internals allowing it to be rotated down and out of the way.

adamjacob - Yanıt

No success here. I could not figure out how the black retainer worked in order to release the ribbon cable for the display. I ended up breaking it. I tried to put it back together anyway to see if there was sufficient contact to make it work, but evidently not. Oh well, a $50 lesson. One other tool that is needed here is a jeweler's magnifying glass. Magnified pics in these instructions would also be a benefit. Also, can someone tell me how you're supposed to get that one recessed screw back in place?

albertm - Yanıt

Spit on the tip of my phillips screwdriver holds that tiny screw on until I can get it started in the hole

gordonhamachi -

I also had a white screen, followed the guide step by step, made the repair easy. I do agre with one of the other comments, a 000 phillips screwdriver worked way way better than the 00.

Shainal Nagar - Yanıt


My Wife iPod nano 2nd gen has a upside down screen plus lines ,would a new screen replacement fix this problem ,please can someone help

Ivor Harrison - Yanıt

After replacing screen module, picture quality is course and unstable, also has a donut shaped blue ring on lower screen. Should perhaps used original apple parts, I strongly suspect this picture display is totally inferior quality flicked off into spare parts market.

Great experience replacing display, however I won't waste my time with this product again.

afdelaurier - Yanıt


when I tried to push the logic board out of the case in step 12, the iPod exploded with a big initial flame followed by a thick heavy smoke shooting about a feet in one direction. Since I dropped it on my table where my computer was to save the table and equipment I pushed the smoking ipod on the floor burning my finger. Then with an oven mitten I throw it outside in the rain.

Ross Small - Yanıt

My battery is swollen and won’t let me push out the logic board easily. The seat where the screw hole is mentioned to push the board through is completely gone. I put too much pressure and the seat for the screw is history. Anyone had this issue with swollen battery impeding the board from being pushed through?

quelsac - Yanıt

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