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iPod Touch (A1421) 5th Gen Battery Replacement From Start To Finish. (Video Guide With Explanation)

    • Follow this video guide from start to finish and enjoy!


Did you follow all the steps? Yes! Then enjoy!

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Fix It Planet

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The solder in the video looks like a clear liquid, I’m I missing something. I’m used to solder that looks like wire? Is there something new that is easier to use?

Thanks for putting this up, I’m trying to decide if I can do the soldering and I just want to make sure I know what I’m getting myself into.

Joshua Edwards - Yanıt

Sorry for the confusion. That clear liquid is actually flux. The solder has been put on the iron tip prior to soldering the pads. Not much solder is needed but the flux is necessary to help the flow and bonding of the solder.

Fix It Planet - Yanıt

What kind of wick do you use?

Nick DeRissio - Yanıt

Goot wick. Model: CP - 2015 Width: 2 mm

Fix It Planet -

Could I use an IOpener tool to open the ipod?

Best Songs - Yanıt

Yes you can use any opener that you prefer.

Fix It Planet -

Yes, you can use an iOpener.

Ultra -

The existing battery in my iPod Touch 5th Generation only lasts about 30 minutes per charge, and Apple wants $80 to replace it? No way!

patdiddy - Yanıt

John - VERY nice and helpful video. I wish I’d had the iSesamo opening tool that you used. I got it open but dinged the case a bit with the larger tools that were in my iFixit tool kit.

It also took longer than I’d hoped but I was successful at it. Also, where can one purchase the double-sided adhesive to keep the new battery down?

I’m very pleased with the result of the battery replacement and once again, your video was terrific. I had it on a 27” Cinema display right on the table where I did the work.


Rob Reider


May 10, 2019

Rob Reider - Yanıt

Hi Rob, Thank you!

I’m happy the video is useful.

You can get some 5mm 3M 300LSE here


Fix It Planet -

Thanks, John. I’ll order some up when I get my next “project!” Best success to you, sir.


Rob Reider - Yanıt

Hi, I am wondering if you lose all of your data and settings when you disconnect the old battery. Thank you for the great video and thank you for your time regarding my question. Jay Scott

Jay Scott - Yanıt

If data is important then It is always best to back up the data prior to any repair attempt (if possible). Having said that, I have not yet experienced data loss from replacing the battery on any device. This does not mean it is impossible, for example; if the device is damaged during the repair attempt in such a way you cannot gain access to the data that would be a problem. Hope this helps. cheers

Fix It Planet -

thank you you are a good teacher

antonio pagan - Yanıt

What temperature do you set on the heat gun to detach the home button safely?

Thierry Coton - Yanıt

If your using a heat gun set it on low and keep it moving. Not much heat is needed or you could burn the display.

Fix It Planet -

I actually used my rework station at minimum temp (100°C) and it was OK. The hardest part was to de-solder the battery!!

Thierry Coton -

Video is not playing from YT (YT issue? probably). Other than the iPod 5th Gen teardown, looking for other pictorial guides that can be used.

David Spalding - Yanıt

Looks like a bit more detail is needed. At least for my iPod touch I appear to need a Phillips #000 screwdriver as outlined in this tutorial: iPod Touch 5th Generation LCD Shield Plate Replacement

Also looks like this needs to be a fairly high quality screwdriver as I have a “cheapo” here and it isn’t fine enough to get into the screw head.

Lloyd Moore - Yanıt

At the second replacement of the battery I had the misfortune of broken solderpads for the + and - connection.

Can anyone tell me if there is a possibility to find connction for +&- on a nearby place on the printplate

Reijk den Held nl. 10-11-20

reijk - Yanıt

Does the board have 2 dots on the solder pads like the battery cable? I'm seeing the 2 dots on each pad as if the old battery pads are still there. Do I just clean up and solder over or try to remove them? Several attempts to remove the “2 hole pads" and they dont want to come off. Thank you.

Brett Veenstra - Yanıt

Hello i saw your video but could you tell me whats Is ir whats is mame of “tape" you use and the end of video to cover “pins"? It Is color yellow, of course for me your video Is helpfull thanks

Jose - Yanıt

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