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AirPods Charging Case Disassembly

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      Kılavuz Adımları

      Adım 1

      This is a charging case for AirPods, which is currently waterlogged. I will try to take it apart and test the internals for water damage.

      Adım 2

      Find a pair of tweezer, and then divide it into two halves to create a spudger. Then grind it with a grinder to the size required to be reasonably long and thick, ready for the next step of disassembly! Or buy one from ifixit

      Adım 3

      Using a scalpel, insert the inside and outside to slide left and right so that the connection parts of the charging case are completely loose, and then lift a space and insert a tool as a lever.

      Adım 4

      Use a polished metal lever to loosen it further, then fix it with a vise grip, tighten it slowly to deform the load and outer shell, and then loosen with the tool. (Remember to secure the AirPods on both sides of the shell before attaching it. Prevent the press from leaving traces on the outer casing.)

      Adım 5

      After loosening, use a metal lever, pull both sides at the same time, then pay attention to the cable to pull out the internal base and finally heat with a hot air gun to remove the stainless steel internal fixed iron ring.

      Adım 6

      After removing the stainless steel fixed iron ring, then use a heat gun to heat, the indicator light and the charging contact base of the AirPods.

      Adım 7

      After heating the base of the contact, use a scalpel to open it. The adhering parts become loosened further so you can finally remove them from the bottom.

      Adım 8

      Heat with a hot air gun, cover the metal connection parts, the temperature here is slightly higher, about 90 to more than 100 degrees, after heating for 20 seconds.

      Adım 9

      After continuing to heat with a heat gun, loosen the battery with a lever, loosen the push button on the base of the fixed connection cable and remove the battery.

      Adım 10

      After removing the battery, remove the protective plate position, clean it with internal wash water and recharge it with an adjustable DC power supply.

      Adım 11

      Use the scalpel to slide the inner frame and fixed frame to the left and right to loosen the attachment parts. You can use the heating method to slide while heating, and then use the special metal lever polished before the hammer to force down.

      Adım 12

      Continue repeating the previous operation until it is completely loose, and finally remove the internal support.

      Adım 13

      After complete removal, remove it with a screwdriver and connect the cable at the base of the headset to the cable that is loaded with the lightning interface below.

      Adım 14

      After complete removal, a screwdriver is included and the cable is connected to the base of the headset to the cable that is loaded with the lightning interface below.

      Adım 15

      After pulling away the circuit board, you can see that some of its components are very corroded. After all, the case was in the water for a long time.

      Adım 16

      First I use the ultrasonic cleaner with PCB cleaning liquid to try and save the circuit board.

      Adım 17

      After the cleaning, don't worry about the lithium battery just yet. Connect the charger to the circuit board and see if the charging indicator turns on.

      Adım 18

      I almost forgot the button that iFixit didn't disassemble completely!

      Adım 19

      In summary, this disassembly of an AirPods case is directed primarily to normal users who have waterlogged AirPods cases. You can attempt to dismantle them with this method, as best you can.

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