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Apple Watch (44 mm Series 5) Battery
Apple Watch (44 mm Series 5) Battery

Replace a dead or damaged battery in a 44 mm Series 5 Apple Watch.

Spudger / Fixite Carbon Fiber

A tougher take on a favorite multitool. Safely poke and pry with this tough, firm, and antistatic tool for electronic repair. 5” carbon fiber tool essential for smartph...

iOpener / Toolkit

No more adhesive battles! With our iOpener, you can quickly and easily remove glued components in electronic devices whether you're a repair professional or beginner. App...

iFixit Opening Tool / Individual
iFixit Opening Tool

Plastic tools designed to get you in the tightest cracks, without damaging your treasured devices.

Tweezers / Pointed / Pro / ESD Safe

Tools for holding and manipulating small and delicate components. Blunt, pointed, and angled versions.

iFixit Opening Picks (Set of 6) / New
iFixit Opening Picks (Set of 6)

Thin prying tool for opening electronic devices. Opening picks are essential to open any iPad, tablet, or smartphone sealed with adhesive.

Tri-point Y000 Screwdriver / iFixit - Made in Taiwan
Tri-point Y000 Screwdriver

Precision fixed blade screwdriver engineered by iFixit.

Apple Watch Battery Adhesive
Apple Watch Battery Adhesive

Use this custom adhesive patch to secure the battery compatible with an Original or Series 1-6 Apple Watch model A1553, A1554, A1802, A1803, A1816, A1817, A1858, A1859, A...

Apple Watch (44 mm Series 4/5) Adhesive Strip
Apple Watch (44 mm Series 4/5) Adhesive Strip

Replace an adhesive strip compatible with the 44 mm case Series 4 or Series 5 Apple Watch model A1976, A1978, A2008, A2093, A2095, and A2157.

Curved Razor Blade
Curved Razor Blade

A large curved razor blade

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