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iPhone 5c Bottom Screws

  • iPhone 5c Bottom Screws
iPhone 5c Bottom Screws



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Replace a stripped or missing exterior screw in the bottom edge of your iPhone. Set includes two phillips screws.

All iPhone 5c phones have two proprietary 5-point pentalobe screws near the dock connector to keep anyone other than an Apple technician from opening the phone. Replace these difficult proprietary pentalobe screws with our Phillips screws to make it easy to open your phone the next time you need to make a repair.


iPhone 5c
A1456 CDMA US/Japan
A1507 UK/Europe/Middle East
A1516 China Mobile
A1526 China Unicom
A1529 Asia Pacific
A1532 CDMA China Telecom
A1532 CDMA Verizon
A1532 GSM North America

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