Parçalar iPod iPod Classic 160 GB Front Panels

iPod Classic 160 GB Front Panels

Modelinizi bilmiyor musunuz? iPod cihazınıza ID atayın

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The "thick" version of 160 GB iPod Classic is the original larger-capacity Classic. Apple has since simplified the Classic line to offer only the "thin" version. In September 2009, a new thin 160 GB was introduced. If you are unsure which version you have (as some parts are not interchangeable between models), perform the following steps:

1) Locate the serial etched on the rear panel of the iPod

2) Go to Apple's Online Service Assistant and enter your serial number and country

3) Look at the text under the picture on the left. If it reads "iPod Classic," you have the thick version. If it reads "iPod Classic (Late 2009)," you have the thin version.

The iPod Classic is quite enigmatic to diagnose when problems occur. Use our iPod Classic troubleshooting guide to figure out what's wrong.

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