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The Horror of Hard Drive Crash

andrewjustincroft -

MacBook Core Duo

MacBook Core Duo Hard Drive Connector Replacement

MacBook Core Duo Hard Drive Connector Replacement

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A few weeks ago I rented Saw on iTunes and it had difficulty playing, stalling in the first five minutes. I shut down my Macbook (late 2006 black) and when restarting got the blinking question mark folder. When inserting the OS X software disc, the drive was not recognized. I wanted to do some psychological terror to my Macbook right there and then.

Instead, I slept on it. I learned laptops make poor pillows. After doing some reading about HD issues with Macbooks, I learned it must be the hard drive and possibly the hard drive cable that was broken.


To be doubly sure of a functioning laptop, I replaced both the HD and cable. The cable was very easy to install and the directions were very helpful.


This was an easy repair and cost effective - the cable and the hard drive (500 GB) together were $50. Next time I'll install an SSD on my fiance's newer Macbook Pro and will look to iFixit for directions and advice for doing so.

MacBook Hard Drive Cable Görseli
MacBook Hard Drive Cable


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