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Macbook Pro Boot

ashabstract -


MacBook Pro (2010) is not booting properly, usually takes a while to boot if it does...


It was hard to determine what the problem was on the Macbook and why it was not booting, at first I was not sure if it was software related or hardware. I researched online for troubleshooting and tried the basic steps but that did not find the problem. I also opened up the computer to see if anything got burned out on the logic board and hard drive etc. There was no indication of a hardware burning out. I gave it another go and decided to wait for the computer to boot, I heard the hard drive moving and the computer fan going but there was no image on the screen, about 45 minutes later I heard the Macbook Chime and finally loaded the screen. The time was inconsistent but I decided not to waste time and check the Disk Utility, everything checked out fine so that didn't help either. After that every time I tried to boot the computer it would just "crash" and I thought maybe the hard drive is giving up. There was not enough space in the first place and I backed up all the information when I could so that I didn't lose anything. I wiped out the hard drive in hopes of reviving it and it wouldn't work anymore. I then purchased another hard drive and a battery before the production of those hardwares became discontinued. After attaching the new hard drive I was able to install a new copy of the operating system and that was the end of the booting problem. If that was not the issue I would have an extra hard by using an external case and then purchase a logic board which is also quite expensive so I think I would have not bothered to repair the old Macbook pro.


Back up your data time to time, us the right tools to take apart complicated and compact devices, purchase the recommended item part and do lots of research before and during the repair. "Measure twice, cut once", that wisdom can be applied to many things.

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