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Part still crap

princess71882 -

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement

iPhone 5 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement



Wifi was non existent and started having issues with cellular service shortly after wifi quit. Phone would shut itself off and have to be reset to turn back on.


Ordered both antennas (wifi and cellular) installation was tedious with the tiny screws and parts, but it went smoothly. After everything was installed...the phone worked like new......for 2 days. Now it's back to shutting off and no wifi.


If i keep the phone cold (sitting on an ice pack) the cellular will work and the phone stays long as it's not in use. It's able to text or make short calls before it overheats and shuts down.

Basically, it's worthless this way. I ordered the iPhone 6...should be here in a few days.

I'm sure the parts I got from ifixit were good parts....probably just a problem in the phone causing everything to malfunction.

Shipping was fast! Thanks anyway. :)

iPhone 5 Cellular Antenna Görseli
iPhone 5 Cellular Antenna


iPhone 5 Wi-Fi Antenna Görseli
iPhone 5 Wi-Fi Antenna


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