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Blown earpiece speaker

vebeard -

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s Earpiece Speaker Replacement

iPhone 5s Earpiece Speaker Replacement

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Suddenly, when I picked up my phone to answer a call on my iPhone 5s, I couldn't understand a thing. Only a barely audible murmuring... Thankfully, the speakerphone worked, so I wasn't completely out of luck. I was frustrated by the lack of privacy, so I looked into my options. I had only had the phone for less than a year, so a replacement would have been $600 up front I didn't have, or $750 over 30 months. No thank you. I was a little intimidated by cracking open the phone, as I'd heard it was pretty difficult, but $24 was a far better price.


The repair went great. We followed the instructions and when all was said and done everything worked perfectly, from the screen we removed to the Touch ID sensor we had to disconnect to the speaker earpiece we were replacing.


I had some help from a friend with more wiring experience, who happened to have a ifixit tool kit laying around, but it was far easier than I expected. All you need is a steady hand, a little patience and the right tools. I would feel pretty confident doing my next repair on my own with ifixit tools, parts and most importantly instructions.

iPhone 5s/SE Earpiece Speaker Görseli
iPhone 5s/SE Earpiece Speaker


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