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home button replaced successfully

idl3mind -


I posted a previous story about how I replaced my wife's 5s battery, but I believed I broke the home button ribbon cable in the process of getting the front display popped off with the suction cup.


The repair when great. Granted, my wife was a little disappointed about losing the Touch ID capability, but at least the home button works now. I had enabled the touch assist home button as a work around while waiting for the new home button to arrive.


Like I said in my previous post, be careful popping open that front display on the 5s. The home button cable is sandwiched in there. There is a little slack in the cable, but take care not to open the bottom of the display more than 1.5"-2".

The Smartphone Repair Kit came in handy. I used to take the parts out and line them up in front of me left to right in the order I took them out. I had to be careful not to sneeze or cough on my desk for fear of scattering the parts everywhere. There is less worry now that I have the repair kit. The sections in the kit tray help a lot. Instead of lining them left to right, I put them in the tray sections left to right, top to bottom. The bit driver that comes with the kit is easier to hold than the small drivers that come optional with a replacement part.

iPhone 5/5s/SE Bottom Screws Resmi
iPhone 5/5s/SE Bottom Screws


iPhone 5s Home Button Assembly Resmi
iPhone 5s Home Button Assembly


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