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Replace rear facing camera

cbickel87 -

Nexus 6

Nexus 6 Rear Facing Camera Replacement

Nexus 6 Rear Facing Camera Replacement

10 - 15 dakika



My Nexus 6 from Google's Project Fi had a piece of dust or hair within the rear facing camera. It didn't show up until shortly after a month of having it and it drove me crazy... It showed up in every picture... Taunting me, antagonizing me with every click that should have been a fond memory. Unfortunately, Google wouldn't assist me in replacing the phone or parts and I would have been forced to use my one time $100 replacement option. I contacted their support at least three separate times hoping I could come in contact with a benevolent soul that would bless me with a new functioning phone. My prayers went unanswered and I was forced to perform surgery on my newish phone.


Holy guacamole!! It went so well. Luckily, iFixit had the exact part I needed at a reasonable price. I looked at some parts elsewhere, but the sites looked shady and I was worried about getting the wrong part, etc, etc. My OCD can now rest in peace. The twitch / twinge in my face has relaxed and now I can take pictures without swearing at my beloved phone. The replacement time was quite fast (15 to 30 min) if you follow the guide. Most of the time comes from taking out all the screws. Seriously, have you seen how many screws are in this thing? 22... 22 SCREWS!!!


BE CAREFUL: The Nexus 6 is great and all, but you have to pay attention taking it apart. Follow the guide closely. There were a couple of things I almost didn't pay enough attention to. 1.) Take out the sim card you dummy. I nearly snapped mine in half because I forgot until I was trying rip my phone apart. 2.) It's always the ribbon cables... Motorola hid those things under little trap doors. Make sure you detach them to prevent a mental breakdown and a puddle of tears.

Nexus 6 Rear Camera Görseli
Nexus 6 Rear Camera


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