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PS4 Optical Drive

mike -

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 Optical Drive Replacement

PlayStation 4 Optical Drive Replacement

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Our PS4 optical drive quit reading discs. Information on-line suggested a new one was the best fix. We opened up the PS4 following iFixit directions without any problems. We could then confirm the part number and place the order.


We received it with quick shipping, completed the installation and all was fixed. I think we only spent about 1.5hr total opening it up, identifying the part, ordering, and the completing the swap. It went very smoothly.


True, the issue could have been solved by cleaning the drive or other steps, but we weren't too optimistic based on other on-line information. I had great success in the past with iFixit, so we just proceeded to update the drive. It now works and we did not sink a lot of time into trying to solve it with other methods. Be sure to follow directions slowly and carefully.

PlayStation 4 Optical Drive Görseli
PlayStation 4 Optical Drive


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