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Remodeling my mother in laws iPad Mini 2

Austin Bristow -

iPad Mini CDMA

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iPad Mini CDMA Rear Facing Camera Replacement



Keep in mind this story is 4 Weeks long. My mother in laws iPad mini screen broke, she asked, I said yes to fixing my first iPad aside from the many iPhones I had fixed in the past.


I started by playing it safe and looking up videos on Youtube on how to replace it. Seemed easy enough, so I dug in. I got passed the digitizer successfully, removed the ribbon cables to it, etc. I transferred the home button and soon realized that I had ripped one antenna ribbon cable, damaged the left speaker cable, and broke what I thought was the camera...yeah definitely the rear camera. So I put everything in the box and stored away as I awaited the replacement speaker and antenna. A few days later it's all here...wait...I forgot the camera. So 1 week later the camera arrives, I remove from storage, install the camera, make sure everything is in its right mind and replace the digitizer. As I'm cleaning the digitizer, I look up to talk to my wife, looked back down and apparently applied too much pressure as I wasn't paying attention. It's cracked...but why not be positive, think I'm hallucinating and try it after weeks of tinkering and money spent? I fold the glass down without snapping in place and power on....??? Three lines and discoloration down the left side...yeah it's broke. I have yet to order the new digitizer that costs $100 out of my pocket. Wish me luck when I do.


Take it to a professional.

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iPad Air, iPad mini, mini 2, & mini 3 Rear Camera


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