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Trackpad macbook air 11"

Julie Tremblay -


The trackpad was not clicking


The repair was a complete failure. I was able to get the trackpad out without any issues. I cleaned the edges of the trackpad with a toothbrush and adjusted the screw. I replaced the trackpad, and reinserted the trackpad data cable. I then inserted the keyboard ribbon cable and attempted to lock the retainer flap down. I noticed one side was not attached. I tried to carefully lock it down with the one side broken but the other side broke off. With no recourse I put the computer back together only to find the keyboard was not working correctly; many keys no longer worked. I took it apart several times trying to get the ribbon to stay in place without this retainer flap but this did not work. I have now ordered a new track pad.


The retainer flap for the keyboard ribbon cable is hard to get to, and it's very small and fragile. You need to take great care when opening and closing this.

I am returning the ifixit 54 bit driver kit I purchased for this repair. I have no complaints about the tools in this kit, they are really top notch, but the case is flimsy and I needed more tools then what this kit offered. I have ordered the Pro Tech Tool kit. The case looks to be a lot better, but more important it has more tools which are needed for this repair like the tweezers and spudger. Once the new kit and trackpad arrives I will hopefully get my computer working again.

Mako Driver Kit - 64 Precision Bits Görseli
Mako Driver Kit - 64 Precision Bits


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