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Chris Smith -

iPod Touch 4th Generation

iPod Touch 4th Generation Front Panel Replacement

iPod Touch 4th Generation Front Panel Replacement

2 saat



IPod cracked screen. Ordered iPod 4th gen screen and started repair.


Instructions fine. I ended up breaking the screen's plastic bezel thing then realized the pictures weren't the same. I hit the site to find a series of questions to confirm models and generation. Result - I had an iPod 5th gen. Tear down is different as well as screen... Major DUMAS here!

I emailed/informed iFixIt about my brain flagellation and about getting replacement parts. The screen - no issue but the screen bezel thing was a no go as a part unto itself. We had a short time before a trip so I opted to have fixed in NYC.

IFixIt was great! Emailed to get RMA and return instructions. I shipped the next day and they confirmed receipt. Refund amount provided.


Follow iFixIt's advice prior to ordering. Email if you have questions. Above all, don't order with only 1/2 a brain cell running.

iPod touch (4th Gen) Screen Resmi
iPod touch (4th Gen) Screen


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