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Easy fix for intermittent Wifi issues

David Miller -

Alienware M14xR2

Alienware M14x R2 Wi-Fi Card Replacement

Alienware M14x R2 Wi-Fi Card Replacement

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We were having intermittent Wifi issues with our Alienware laptop. Every few days it would drop the signal and be unable to connect, sometimes for hours. Drove my kids nuts during Minecraft Skype sessions.


Super easy to fix. New Wifi card looked identical to the original, took off back of laptop and removed battery and the card way there, Unscrewed one screw and pulled off two connectors and then did the reverse with the new card. Was done in 8 minutes beginning to end. New part fixed the problem and works seamlessly now. Thanks!


Watch the Youtube videos - everything you could want is there somewhere....

Alienware M14x-R2 (P18G) Wi-Fi Board Görseli
Alienware M14x-R2 (P18G) Wi-Fi Board


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