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Gopro Hero3 record/wifi button replace

Nick Broderick -

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My problem was that I couldn't get the camera to record video or take pictures and the wifi button wasn't working. So originally I tried to order just the button ribbon that the buttons sit on, but I got the wrong part and it just seemed way harder than I thought. So I tried a different approach and ordered the whole camera black housing with buttons included and a new front face plate. It wasn't expensive either. I had to remove the brain of camera. All the electronics come out in one piece. Installed the parts I ordered and it worked like a charm! Now I have a camera that I payed little to nothing for, just from doing a simple repair. Very satisfied with the parts I got and will be coming back for future parts. I just need a few cover doors(battery and SD card door) and my camera will be almost new again ... thanks for all the help iFixit!


Great! It's super easy with the right tools and parts. Everything worked as planned!


Definitely worth trying to save the camera if you don't have a warranty. Most of the camera can be repaired. Not all of it, but definitely worth trying!

GoPro Hero3 Black Front Panel Resmi
GoPro Hero3 Black Front Panel


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