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Cosmetic perfection

Terry Cash -

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 Motherboard Replacement

PlayStation 4 Motherboard Replacement

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I cut out the hard drive opening to fit a bigger drive but now that I can have an external I decided to get it back to looking like a PS4 and not Frankenstein's creation.


It went fine until I got to the power supply. It was a little difficult getting it to release from the power pins on the motherboard. When it finally let loose I thought I broke it but everything turned out fine. After that it was a breeze.


I have set of security torx bits and the project called for a security torx 9 but my set skipped 9 so I used an 8 and it still worked like a charm.

PlayStation 4 Heat Sink and Support Plate Assembly Görseli
PlayStation 4 Heat Sink and Support Plate Assembly


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