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iPhone 7 Plus Rear Camera Replacement

Derrick F -

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus Rear-Facing Cameras Replacement

iPhone 7 Plus Rear-Facing Cameras Replacement

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The rear facing camera on my iPhone 7 Plus was no longer working. I initially opened the phone to see if one of the cables came disconnected but that did not fix it. I decided to try to replace the camera using a replacement part from iFixit.


The repair went great. It wasn't too hard to do. The hardest part for me was that the flat cables that connect the replacement camera to the logic board were not creased. I wished that they came creased or shorter. It was a bit stressful getting the proper crease into the cables.

I was also happy to see that the camera part bundle came with new adhesive. I believe this adhesive is what makes the iPhone 7 water resistant. I first made sure the new camera worked before installing the new adhesive.


In order to crease the flat cables on the replacement camera for installation I used one side of a pair of angled tweezers to hold the cable flat against the camera's casing and then another tool to fold it back down to make the crease so that it could connect properly to the logic board.

iPhone 7 Plus Dual Rear Camera Resmi
iPhone 7 Plus Dual Rear Camera


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