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iPhone 6 lost GPS: Antenna Flex Cable fixed it!

Christopher Evans -

iPhone 6

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iPhone 6 Antenna Flex Cable Replacement

2 saat



My phone stopped receiving all GPS signals. I verified this using a GPS diagnostic app. My initial indications were the failure of my navigation apps. Waze said I had no GPS and Google & Apple maps just couldn’t locate me accurately or navigate with turn by turn directions. One repair store said that nothing could be done to fix this. I used Google (that secretive search engine no one knows about at repair stores //sarcasm//) and found plenty of stories pointing to the flex cable as a possible culprit on the iPhone 6. That led me to iFixit. I went to another phone repair store and they offered to install the part for around $70. They actually understood the problem that I was having. That seemed fair for such delicate work, but iFixit’s repair kit and instructions were so good I opted to repair my phone myself.


iFixit Kit made this very straightforward to repair. The kit was very thorough and the online instructions were easy to follow with plenty of pictures. Pretty foolproof so long as you are comfortable working with very small parts and screws. My phone had previously been opened up to replace the battery, so I imagine that made my repair a little easier since removing the screen seemed pretty easy with the suction cup provided. I took my time and fixed the phone in about 1 to 1.5 hours. Phone works great now and I have full GPS. $20 well spent!


A bright light helps. I also followed someone else’s advice and laid some masking tape upside-down on the table. I placed all screws and parts from the phone on the tape in the same layout as they were in the phone. Made reassembly a breeze.

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