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Fixing my office's Iphone X

nadheen75 -

iPhone X

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iPhone X Display repair guide (Video)

2 saat



The daughter of my MD dropped the phone after procrastinated for quite a while in getting a casing and screen protector.

It was a pretty bad crack screen and the father was also reluctant to spend at MYR1K to get the repair shop to fix it.


I had to prep myself by going through the video at least a few times so that I don't forget the steps. It well pretty well, I don't have a hot gun, so I improvised by using a hair dryer.

The Magnetic pad indeed helpful and made it easy to remember what when where.


The screws are pretty tiny so best to have magnetic pad to ensure you don't lose them. I fine that it would be better if you have air conditioning when doing the repair as you might come to a point where it is so intense especially when your kids are around and hovering.

Purchase quality spare parts and adhesive!

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Magnetic Project Mat


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