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Oh no! Our Roku, It’s broken!

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So my parents had a Roku Streaming Stick 4K,

they were watching Netflix one night and all the sudden they call me saying it won’t work. So I go over there and take a look and sure enough, the Roku would not connect to the internet or remotes. So I call customer support after trying everything I can. That was a bad idea, not only did they not listen to me, they gave me a wrong solution. Buy a new remote.


Anyway, so I go over there the next day for dinner and me and my dad go into the garage to see if we can fix the roku, I told him that he had to carefully open the Roku. He then got out his pocket knife and used that to open it! Then he cleaned it. I took it and put it back together, (The body was scratched pretty badly) and it turned on! (Thankfully). I then plugged it in and did my second reset. It worked.


Moral of the story; All you need to fix a Roku is a Dad, A knife, and patience.

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