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Anxious, Apple-poor, and Lucky?

georgiaruocco -

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Pentalobe Screws Replacement

iPhone 4 Pentalobe Screws Replacement

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I often worry.

I live in a rural area so there just aren't any stores to go to in a hurry to solve life's little problems. I need to get to the internet when something comes up. I've keep our computers running for years with iFixit's help.

(Secretly, I've always wanted an iPhone.)

I have had a series of apple computers that put me into the poor house as they become obsolete with every other upgrade. It was happening again.

At the Genus Bar they termed my ipod 'Vintage' and my laptops 'Classics' (They were ohly from 2006) My camera could take lots of pictures but the SanDisk memory cards were larger than my systems could handle. Then sadly, they all died...

(I heard the iPhone had a better camera than my oldie...more memory than all my laptops put together...)

I finally succumbed to the iPhone 4s after years of telling myself NO--NO iPhone.

I'm hoping it will do everything but breathe for me!

IT HASN'T BROKEN YET. What with my kind of LUCK, it's only a matter of time....

I'm not worrying--I'm prepared! Thanks to iFixit!


It hasn't happened yet, but thanks to you, I'm ready for it!


BE PREPARED. (Acquisitiveness is its own reward or is that, punishment?)

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