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Eastern Washington University, Team S2-G1, Crane Fall 2017

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Takım Etiketi: EWU-CRANE-F17S2G1

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Leader: Mykel Vanek

Communications/Public Relations Major, Visual Communications Design Major. Web and Media Designer, Troubleshooting, development, freelance experience.

Troubleshooting Expert: Jessie Coney

Visual Communication Design major with a minor in both Art and Computer Science Web Development. Previous experience with photograph and design.

Device & Troubleshooting Experts: Mohammed Alhazem & Sulamita Matynenko

Mohammed: Taking pictures of projects,

Electrical Engineering, have some experience about repairing and fixing devices. at the same time i like to take pictures.

Sulamita: My major is Technical Communication and my minor is Visual Communication Designer. I have experience with design.

Repair Guide Expert: Nathaniel (Tre) Petty

Biology major, with experience in repairing household appliances and looking forward to learning more about fixing and repairing electronics.

Our team is from Eastern Washington University and our goal throughout this quarter is to create a cohesive troubleshooting page. All members of our team bring a wide variety of skills ranging from back end development to DIY expertise.