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USF Tampa, Team 2-5, Remmell Fall 2014

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Takım Etiketi: USFT-REMMELL-F14S2G5

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===Table of Contents====

==My phone won't connect to my camera==

=No matter what you do your phone camera won't activate.

Electrical components of camera may be dirty or camera may need replacing.

Click here: _____________________ for a guide to repairing this issue.

==My Screen is broken==

=Broken screens are not fixable, only replaceable

"Click here: ________ for a guide to repairing this issue."

==I have a sticking sleep button==

=When you press the sleep/power button it sticks and does not depress properly.

"There may be warping of the shell, or the it may be resultant of a sticky spill.

A guide to accessing and cleaning the button can be found here: __________"