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Eastern Washington University, Team S2-G6, Munoz Fall 2019

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Takım Etiketi: EWU-MUNOZ-F19S2G6

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School : Eastern Washington University

Major—Why did you choose this major?

Management Information System

I chose this major because i want to learn things in computer.

Aspirations—What do you want to be/do? What are your hopes and dreams? I want to be a business man. my dream is to create my own company and be a big business man.

Skills—Are there any special skills you’d like to share with a future employer?

Projects/accomplishments—Is there anything you’ve built/made/done that you’re proud of? No

Repair experience—Have you fixed anything? If not, is there something you’d like to learn how to fix? no

Accolades—Have you won any awards or received special recognition?


Groups/memberships—Do you belong to any clubs/societies/organizations? no

Hobbies—What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to play soccer and ride a horse

How does this project relate to you?—How will your experience with this project benefit you professionally or personally?

Any other fun facts you’d like to add? no