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Cal Poly, Team 14-8, Maness Spring 2013

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Takım Etiketi: CPSU-MANESS-S13S14G8

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Free Wheelchair Mission GEN 2 Assembly

This guide contains instructions detailing how to assemble your GEN 2.

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the GEN 2 Wheelchair Tire Replacement

Flat tires can make it difficult to move your wheelchair so sometimes...

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Repairing GEN 2 Wheelchair Patching a Tire Tube

This guide will show how to remove a inner tire tube, identify a hole, and...

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How to tighten GEN 2 Wheelchair wheels

If wheels are crooked, wobbly or unstable, then the wheel needs to be tightened.

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How to fix GEN 2 Wheelchair squeaky parts

If the wheelchair is squeaking, there are many reasons why this may be...

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Reattaching the GEN 2 Wheelchair Foot Support

Occasionally the foot supports on the wheelchair will fall off because of...

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GEN 2 Wheelchair Teardown

How to teardown the GEN 2 wheelchair for storage or transportation.