Tearing down a water damaged Alcatel One Touch Fierce from Metro PCS.

Bu teardown bir tamir kılavuzu değildir. Alcatel One Touch Fierce cihazınızı onarmak için, servis kılavuzumuzu kullanın.

  1. Phillips #000 is highly recommended. As you can see i'm too broke for the iFixIt equivalent.
    • Phillips #000 is highly recommended. As you can see i'm too broke for the iFixIt equivalent.

    • The iSesamo is also always handy.

    hi jon. i have a 4 day old Alcatel one touch fierce that will not power up. Can you help?

    Theo Salas - Yanıt

  2. This is the Metro PCS variant of the phone in a nice metallic silver color.
    • This is the Metro PCS variant of the phone in a nice metallic silver color.

    • The front of this particular device is water damaged and finger print damaged.

    I have the back off! Where ithe speaker located

    Linda Muladore - Yanıt

    I have no sound! Sometimes it crackles or I'll hear part of a ringtone but that's it!!

    Linda Muladore - Yanıt

    • With the back plastic removed.


      • Challenge accepted

    I'm finding the 2nd cover difficult to remove. It seems secured somewhere top center. Perhaps around the camera lens. I'm nervous to continue in fear I may break something. Any additional info for this step would be useful

    Julie Copeland - Yanıt

    I feel the same way

    sanchezkk - Yanıt

    under the void sticker there is an additional SCREW!

    capricciacolella - Yanıt

    • The second cover is removed. We now have a better look at the components.

    Where is the wifi antenna on this phone

    Giovani Aguilar - Yanıt

    • The battery. Doesn't last very long.

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  3. Spread Fixmas Cheer
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    Spread Fixmas Cheer
    Get $12 off your purchase of $50 or more with code FIXMAS12
    • The 5MP camera located on the back of the phone.

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    • The daughter board contains the Micro USB port

    Were do get?

    Lembit - Yanıt

    • The main PCB

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    • The VGA camera located on the front of the phone.

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    • The remains of the front panel

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    • Trying to remove the front panel assembly.

    • It seemed to have quite a bit of adhesive.

    • Luckily i have a good amount of picks available.

    • Oh no, i think i hear cracking...

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    • Crap! i totally saw this coming.

    • To avoid this use a heat gun to loosen the glue...not too much heat though.

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    • I now have a functional phone without an LCD screen.

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Jonathan Ruiz

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I'm so glad I found this link!!! I broke the screen on my phone two weeks after I bought it, and refused to pay someone $80 to fix it (I didn't pay that much for the phone!). I have NO experience replacing a cell phone screen and this teardown looked pretty straightforward, so I figured it was worth a try. The step by step was easy, worked perfectly, and I can finally see my screen! YAY! Thank you!

Note: Use patience, and it's a breeze!

Barbara Prather - Yanıt

I also successfully repaired my phone although this guide made it seem like you couldn't do it without ruining the LCD. I'm pretty proficient in phone and electronic repair but I think even beginners could do this one. The new glass that I bought had adhesive already applied to it so I could see exactly where it would be adhered from the factory. I heated the front with a heat gun and started at the top left corner. Once I got a pick in there I started going into the gap with a little X-Acto knife, cutting away at the foam like adhesive. I worked my way down the left side, then went back to the right side, cutting as I went. When only the bottom was attached, I held the phone by the top of the glass and let it dangle. Using the heat gun on the bottom of the glass allowed the weight of the phone to separate itself from the glass. Cleaned it up and put the new glass on, works like new again.

Dan - Yanıt

I'm about to give this a try Dan. Thanks for your encouragement. Just one question: how did you "clean it up" before putting on the new one? Thanks!!

Janene -

this actually helped! thanks to posted this , my screen broke and ordered it online (ebay) it took a week to get here but man i couldnt see anything with my whole screen cracked! it was cheap as well, 20 bucks with tools! but this really helped!!! just do it calm and slowly , its my first time changing a screen on a phone, this really helped! thanks!

kevin - Yanıt

I cracked the camera screen on the back a week after buying the phone. Can you tell me where I can get a new one?


Shannon - Yanıt

Where do I get parts for alcatel 7040N

prince - Yanıt

How can I fix my alacatel one touch anttena

Kewis Walters - Yanıt

I was pushing On the power. Button with the cover off and damaged the power button how do i put on a new one

jghost285 - Yanıt

If I just wanna replace a cracked screen do I have to do all of these steps also the new screen I ordered did not come with any adhesive should I buy some and if so what kind

Rickvjoe Jay - Yanıt

Great! Im having a problem with no sound, after replacing the glass. Get faint sounds from bad headphone jack, but not speaker.

Gary - Yanıt

How to replace the power button? I opened the phone and the little silver piece on the power button cable fell off.

pat - Yanıt

So how do you fix the plates that fall out the power button

Earl Reeves -

Good night where I can buy volume button Alcatel One Touch Fierce?

Freddy aguilera - Yanıt

I know this is an old post but is this teardown the same for the Alcatel One Touch Pop Mega LTE?

sanchezkk - Yanıt

Pls where can I get d calibration

habbey habbey - Yanıt

Any Alcatel shop where to repair it

habbey habbey - Yanıt

My phone don't come apart how can it be replace

Estella Robinson - Yanıt

Where is the loudspeaker? I need to change mine out.

Ryan - Yanıt

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