The Phantom 2 is DJI's revision to its original ready-to-fly quadcopter. The DJI Phantom, better known as the iPod of drones, is a quadcopter marketed primarily as an aerial photography platform for people with less R/C flight experience. Although the Phantom comes preassembled in a clean, white, plastic frame, the quadcopter contains similar hardware to other hobbyist drones, but in a more condensed package. Check out this guide for a detailed look at the propulsion, control, power, and video systems of this powerful tool.

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  1. Brushless AC Motor (DJIPV-06 DJI 2212)
    • Brushless AC Motor (DJIPV-06 DJI 2212)

    • Bottom - three color leds. Remove only some screws

  2. ESC - Electronic Speed Control
    • ESC - Electronic Speed Control

    • Remote Control and Main Control Circuit

    • Intelligent Battery - LIPO - 11,1V - 5200mAh

    • GPS circuit and cable

    • Bottom view : Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal and FPV transmitter

    • FPV transmitter

    • Gimbal´s Brushless DC micro motor

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Excellent job on documenting the tear down!

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