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I delve into an Easter egg just to see what makes this funky pink thing tick.

Bu teardown bir tamir kılavuzu değildir. Easter Egg cihazınızı onarmak için, servis kılavuzumuzu kullanın.

  1. So let's find out what's inside this DELICIOUS-looking Easter egg.
    • So let's find out what's inside this DELICIOUS-looking Easter egg.

  2. First step - cut into the egg.
    • First step - cut into the egg.

    • I wonder what kinds of things I'll find inside? Leprechauns? Little bunnies? The true meaning of Easter? Only time will tell.

    • The innards reveal a yellowy substance. Not sure what it is, but let's dig into it some more and see if we can find out.

    • Another cut is made, more yellow is found.

    • Surprisingly, no processors have so far been found. No bunnies for that matter, either.

    • Two halves exposed... But what's the yellow stuff? Only one way to find out.

    • Current bill of materials:

      • Yellow mystery stuff inside

      • Pink outer layer

      • Blue swirls

      • Yellow dots

      • Red Swirls

      • Green swirls

    • A formal analysis found that the yellow inner filling was, in fact, yellow cake.

    • Conclusion: Easter eggs rock!

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You have a low tolerance for fainting.

Miroslav Djuric -

"This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Easter Egg, use our service manual" That's great. But how do I repair my pink Easter egg?

Michael - Yanıt

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