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  1. Free the top by unscrewing the 2 screws in the front shiny cupwarmer section and the 2 screws in the plastic part in the back.
    • Free the top by unscrewing the 2 screws in the front shiny cupwarmer section and the 2 screws in the plastic part in the back.

    • Carefully take off the top to reveal the inside of the Gaggia.

    • Be sure to unplug the power cord before working on your Old White Coffee Gaggia!!

  2. Label the connectors on the top connecting the wires to the switch assembly with a marker or ball pen. This way you'll be able to put them in the right place when reassembling your device.
    • Label the connectors on the top connecting the wires to the switch assembly with a marker or ball pen. This way you'll be able to put them in the right place when reassembling your device.

    • Gently pull the labeled connectors of the switch assembly.

    • Continue with second row.

    • Pull the last two connectors off the switch assembly.

    • The switch assembly is held in place by two clamps on its sides that have to be pushed in.

    • Gently pull/push the switch assembly to the front to release it from the case.

    • Label and pull off the connectors to the warning light just right where the switches used to be.

    • There is one upper and one lower, divided by a plastic tab.

    • Next, unscrew the tab securing the grounding wire and the water hose to the top of the boiler.

    • Free the tab with the grounding wire.

    • Next up is the two connectors that go into the blue (thermostate?) on the top of the boiler.

    • Label and gently pull off the first...

    • ...and the second connector.

    • Next thing to pull off is the connecor that connects the red wire to the the duct that protrudes outward of the boiler. (The heating element)

    • Remember to label every connector you take off to remember where it goes.

    • At the magnetic valve next to the big round boiler, there are two more connectors to label and pull off.

    • Still not done with labelling and pulling off connectors, this time at the back of the boiler.

    • Left of the boiler and a little hard to reach sits connector no. 19 (if you followed my labelling method) once again on a ducty thing.

    • Right next to it, you can see the Over Pressure Valve Assembly (with the black hose coming out of the top)

    • Here you see the water intake hose, sucking water from out of the water tank and delivering it to the water pump.

    • The hose connects to the pump at its bottom side, so you can't quite see it.

    • The hose is secured to a black plastic piece in the bottom of the case by a metal clip that can be loosened with pliers.

    • Take off the hose and be careful not to lose the metal clip!

    • You can't take off both endings yet as the end that goes into the pump is still hidden!

    • Very dirty but functional, this is where the power cable is connected to all the wires we just freed.

    • You will only need to take out the cables on the right (bottom side on the picture), starting with the 3 from the power cable. (ground, brown and blue)

    • Unscrewing the whole luster terminal can make your life easier here.

    • Next, remove the two white cables (distinguishable by the one having an extra luster terminal)...

    • ...and the grounding wire that go to the water pump.

    • You can now carefully pull the whole wiring out of the machine.

    • Mind any cables that still might be connected or stuck!

    • Next, we will take the black water hose, that connects the Over Pressure Valve to the water tank, off.

    • Pinch the clip holding the hose in place together to release it

    • Label the hoses as well as they have different lengths!

    • Proceed with the 2nd black hose that goes from the magnetic valve to the water outlet in the front.

    • With all silicone hoses disconnected, proceed by unscrewing the fitting that connects the steam lance to the steam valve.

    • Take the steam lance out through the top.

    • At the top of the water pump, there is a high pressure teflon hose that needs to be unscrewed in order to free the pump.

    • The steam valve is connected to the top of the boiler by a conducto pipe.

    • Unscrew both endings and take the duct off.

    • Unscrew the nut securing the steam valve assembly to the top of the boiler.

    • You can just pull the steam assembly out of the way for now.

    • If you have the fitting Allen key, you can also take out the steam assembly by taking off the black knob and pulling the assembly out to the back.

    • The vibratory water pump sits on a rubber fitting.

    • Unscrew both screws to free the pump.

    • Take out the whole pump/fitting assemby.

    • Unfortunately, the black rubber thing on the bottom of the pump originally connecting to the high pressure teflon hose is broken, be careful with this piece as there may not be a replacement!

    • Let's have a look at the portafilter holder and the screen at the front of your machine. As you can see, mine has its share of rust and gross dirt.

    • Unscrew the single screw in the middle of the screen.

    • The screen might be held in place by dirt and coffee of decades past.

    • Ewwwww...

    • I managed to take the screen off by jiggling a little on it with a screwdriver.

    • There are 4 screws holding the outer ring in place, unscrew those and the outer ring should come free.

    • With the outer ring/portafilter holder off, 2 more screws are uncovered.

    • Unscrew those.

    • There still is a black rubber gasket that needs to be taken off.

    • Not sure if those are still for sale, so check if you might use this gasket again.

    • Return to the inside of the machine and unscrew the 4 screws at the top of the boiler. Be careful not to strip the screws!! Gently pull the top of the boiler off.

    • Prepare to be grossed out.

    • Somewhere below the white/brownish stuff in the 3rd picture there is a black gasket hiding. Can you find it?

    • Take out the bottom part of the boiler.

    • Looks very empty now.

    • You can further disassemble the lower part of the boiler.

    • Unscrew the nut holding the magnetic valve in place, and pull all parts off.

    • Unscrew the 4 screws at the bottom of the valve assemby and it is free.

    • The Over Pressure Valve can also be unscrewed and taken apart.

    • Unscrew the thing holding the screw in place.

    • The power cable can be pulled out if you turn the plastic nut a little bit.

    • Close-Up of the pump, Ulka H53.

    • I hope I can get a replacement for the rubber thing that went here...


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Thanks for posting this. Please add a picture of the whole machine.

Ed Gordon - Yanıt

nice teardown, i was able to fix mine

Luke Legg - Yanıt

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