Hi everyone, here I am with a new guide (teardown/replacement)

Again, you will find little mistakes in my english, but as you know my native language is dutch ...

I hope you will like the guide.

Good luck!

  1. To begin with, remove the battery and remove the 2 panels at the bottom of the laptop.
    • To begin with, remove the battery and remove the 2 panels at the bottom of the laptop.

    • After removing these panels, you'll see the RAM, HDD, and Wi-Fi module.

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  2. Carefully remove the Wi-Fi antennas from the mini Pci-e adapter.
    • Carefully remove the Wi-Fi antennas from the mini Pci-e adapter.

      • Note for reassembly: The black antenna attaches to 1 and the gray attaches to 2.

    • tip : Make a sketch of the laptop, where all the screws are, and how to put it back afterwards.

    • Remove the mini Pci-e Wi-Fi adapter by removing the small screw. Lift the screw side gently, then pull out.

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    • Now remove the HDD and the RAM

      • Remove the HDD by removing the three screws and pulling the Sata connector from the motherboard.

      • Remove the RAM by pulling apart the clips on either side of the top stick. The stick should pop up, then pull it out. Repeat for the bottom stick.

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    • Remove the 6 keyboard screws.

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    • Remove the DVD drive bay by prying a little spudger between the case and the drive cover. Then gently pull it out.

    • The screws should already be removed from the removal of the panel.

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    • Next, we will remove the screws from the rest of the case.

    • Start by removing the screws hidden in the battery compartment (M2.5x3).

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    • Now remove the 10 remaining case screws (M2.5x6.5).

      • There are 2 hidden screws in the HDD compartment (see last picture).

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    • After removing all the screws, we can remove the keyboard.

    • Be careful because you can break keys or the entire keyboard.

    • Use a spudger to pry and search for the "locks"

    • use your hand to gently remove the keyboard. You will here clicks.

    • Be careful for the thin connector under the keyboard.

    • open the socket by clicking it up. pull the connector gently away from the socket.

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    • There are hidden screws under the keyboard. Remove them. (M2.5x6.5)

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    • remove all the visible connectors.

    • the other connectors are from the power button and the mouse pad.

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    • Now gently remove the case with a spudger and a isesamo opener.

    • Gently slide the spudger/opening tool to open the case.

    • You will hear clicks.

    • be careful for the connectors.

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    • After you've removed the case you will see the motherboard.

    • Remove the screws from the motherboard.

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    • remove the connectors of the screen.

    • be careful with the connector (the bigger of the two.) (With the HP SPARE sticker)

    • Remove the sticker ( HP spare) And pull the connector out of the socket.

    • if you put back the screen and the connector afterwards , maybe you can tape the LCD cable to the motherboard with electrical tape. It will fit better then and you have less troubles with the screen.

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    • now we will remove the sata dock from the dvd player.

    • like the other connectors , just pull it out the socket. but be gentle.

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    • now remove the usb conncetor + the dc jack connector.

    • you can remove the dc jack (head) by pulling it out (sliding). if it's loose, then you can remove the connector from the motherboard.

    • if you remove the usb connector, be careful because the cable is taped to the case. pull gently

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    • after removing all the cables/ wires and screws, we can remove the screws from the screen hinges.

    • after removing the screws from the hinges, put the entire screen apart.

    • we will remove the motherboard first. see picture 3. you can remove the motherboard by pulling it up and sliding it to the right.

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    • if you have to remove the LCD screen connector you have to remove the case arround the screen. same thing if you have a broken screen..

    • be carefull if you remove the case around the screen. it's taped to the screen. i removed the case with an spudger. But first remove the 2 screws hidden under a black round sticker at the bottom of the screen, just above the grey hinges.

    • after removing the screws , slide the spudger arround the case, you will hear the clicks

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    • after removing the case. this is the screen internal.

    • above you will see the camera, the wifi antenna's . under you'll see the hinges and at the left the lcd connector.

    • you can remove the grey plastic caps by removing the screw(s), under the plastic cap you will find the cables running trough..

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    • you do the same thing at the other side.

    • if you remove, or going to remove the screen, be carefull with the cables, most of them are taped to the case or screen.

    • At the second picture you see the wires after removing the plastic grey cap. if you have problems with screen failure ( like a black screen or bad connection) its best to check this cable first before buying a new one. The wires are sliding to the cap and sometimes they get cut.

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    • Now the last steps.. we will put some new coolpaste to the soldered CPU and GPU

    • first remove the 4 screws of the cooling socket.

    • remove the socket, be carefull for the little power socket attached at the motherboard, running to the cooling fan.

    • and than put some drop of cooling paste on the CPU/GPU

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Kevin D

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Would it be beneficial to remove old CPU and GPU thermal paste?

simmonsmarquis - Yanıt

If you are putting new paste to the cooler, Yes you have to remove the old thermal paste.

If you wonder only remove it because the laptop is heating up , i reccomand cleaning the whole laptop. Only the thermal paste will not be enough.

Kind regards,


Kevin D - Yanıt

Show reverse for HP56 Cq notebook

Ray Walker - Yanıt

Please put together cq 56 notebookPc

Ray Walker - Yanıt

Great instructions thank you!

I reassembled mine but now I cannot turn on the WiFi via the function button.

Everything else works.

I checked the two antenna cable are attached to the correct ones but still cannot turn on WiFi. Any suggestions appreciated

Robert Kehoe - Yanıt

a loose cable or connector for wifi? reconnect everithing and try again, good luck

Kevin D - Yanıt

Kevin, Great work!!

I have same model and CPU fan runs like an engine and machine heats up too quickly soon after its powered on. I was looking for a guide on replacing the fan. Here i found one very useful, thanks...

Santhosh - Yanıt

Kevin, I need a suggestion...

Air vents near the CPU are clean but still fan makes huge noise and machine becomes hot, should i replace the fan?

Santhosh - Yanıt

Tanks Santhosh ,

There is a possibility that the noise is comming from broken or loose plastic from the frame of the laptop. Check te frame on broken/ misshapen pieces of plastic.

is there a loose cable ( maybe the cable of the fan itself)? paste the fan cable to the main board.

I should check the fan on broken or misshapen plastic parts , then check the connector and the cable.. try another fan.

Kind regards

Kevin D - Yanıt


I do not see any such broken/damaged plastic or cables near the fan, all looks fine. I have applied the Thermal paste on the CPU. The noise is due to fan running at high speed. I will assemble the parts now and test.

Santhosh - Yanıt

Something screwed up.. no display on the monitor now :(

Do you know what could be wrong? I opened the top panel and confirmed that all the connectors are connected.

Santhosh - Yanıt

Weird.. a noisy fan is mostly due to broken or loose parts. do you have a spare fan?

when you remove the top panel you have to watch out with LCD cables. check the LCD cable , check the LCD connector. sometimes you have to push it back in the connector ( 1 bad connection and it does not work.) Be carefull some LCD cables are easy to tear..., be gently with the connector as well..

Kevin D - Yanıt

Excellent! And thank you . . . I followed this closely in its entirety (skipping only steps 18 & 19 related to the LCD display, which I didn't need to remove) in preparation of performing a mobo reflow. Thanks again, very useful guide.

GuccizBud - Yanıt

Great tutorial!!

I would like to know, in step 13, what is the utility of the cable tagged TSD?

cause my laptop have a backlight problem. I changed the lcd cable but the problem is still there…

next step is to change the whole screen… but I was wondering if the problem could come from the other cable?

thank you!

Nicolas Deschenes - Yanıt


It has been a while sinsce i made this tutorial. but i’m pretty sure it was a audio related cable. The only LCD cable is the thick one. i suggest to use a new '( or other) screen.

good luck

Kevin D - Yanıt

Woah thank you!

I was’nt expecting an answer so fast! :)

I decided to buy a new screen, so I needed to open the laptop again, and I saw it on the board: MIC WIRE 2PINS

So I guess this is the microphone cable which goes next to the webcam on the top of the screen.

thank you again for your time!

Nicolas Deschenes - Yanıt

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