This is a basic teardown of the HTC Rezound showing the various components.

Bu teardown bir tamir kılavuzu değildir. HTC Rezound cihazınızı onarmak için, servis kılavuzumuzu kullanın.

  1. Remove rear cover using little notch located at bottom of phone
    • Remove rear cover using little notch located at bottom of phone

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  2. Remove 1620 mAh battery
    • Remove 1620 mAh battery

    • Remove SD card

    • Phone comes with 16 GB SD card

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    • Remove (6) Torx T7 screws

    • You may have to remove VOID sticker from one of the screws

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    • Use opener tool to carefully pry cover off

    • Volume and power buttons are located in cover so be careful not to lose them

    • Speaker is located inside back cover

      • Main Camera

      • Headphone jack

      • Vibration motor

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    • Carefully unplug board

    • Carefully remove camera cover, slowly peeling off tape to reuse

    • Remove and unplug vibration motor

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    • Remove (2) Phillips heads screws (one is shown, the other is on the left lower side)

    • Disconnect two cables from logic board to screen. Be very careful not to break our bend too badly.

    • Main camera connection & front camera

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    • Using pick or pry tool, slowly remove screen from frame. Tape and adhesive is holding it on so work slowly and use heat gun if needed.

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    • For the most part, this teardown is pretty straightforward with the headphone jack fused to main board. The display looks to be fused to the screen so replacement of either means replacement of both.

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If there's anything I can add to help make this more clear cut and easy to follow let me know as this is my first attempt at a guide.

Codyhatch24 - Yanıt

My rezound glass is cracked . It still operates fine but I would like to replace the glass. I ordered a glass from Amazon but it has a connection tail that I don't understand how to install?

Lee Ferguson -

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