Disassembly outline

  1. Battery
    • Hard Drive
    • Optical Drive
  2. Memory Cover
    • RAM Memory
  3. Keyboard/Trackpad/Top Cover
    • Mini-PCI Slot
    • Wi-Fi Card
    • Internal Battery
    • Display
  4. Side Bezel
    • Video Card / Fan
      • Processor
  5. Metal Casings
  6. Plastics
    • Motherboard
  1. Removing the battery
    • Removing the battery

      • Unplug the power cable before removing the battery.

      • Slide the 2 sliders on the under side of the laptop to the unlock position, as shown.

      • Grasp the battery and pull it straight out - not at an angle.

  2. Removing the Hard Drive
    • Removing the Hard Drive

      • Unscrew the screw holding the Hard Drive slot in place.

      • Pull the hard drive out with the help of pictured ridges. Cautiously maneuver it out - it might help to open the display slightly.

    • Removing the Optical Drive

      • Remove the screw holding the optical drive on the underside of the laptop

      • Push the small slider to unlock position, a tab will automatically pop out.

      • Pull tab to dislodge the optical drive, then pull the drive out.

    • Removing Memory Cover/Replacing RAM

      • Unscrew the pictured screwed holding the memory cover in place.

      • Pry the cover open carefully (flathead screwdriver might help)

      • To remove the RAM memory stick, push both metal pieces holding it in place outwards, and the stick will pop up. -picture of RAM inside -

      • Pull the stick out carefully. - Picture of the RAM stick -

    • Removing Rear Cover

      • Unscrew the rest of the screws on the underside of the T42.

      • Unscrew the 4 screws on either side the rear end of the laptop.

    • Note: for ease of reassembly, keep track of which screws go where.

    • [ a line-drawing version is included so it can be printed and screws can be taped on ]

    • Removing Keyboard and Trackpad

      • Flip the laptop over and open the display carefully - the keyboard, palm rest and bezel will be loose.

      • Maneuver the palm rest away from the keyboard carefully, both the keyboard and palm rest/trackpad will come off together.

      • **WARNING** Both the keyboard and trackpad have connectors to the motherboard. Disconnect these before completely removing either component.

    • From here you can remove multiple components.

    • Removing Wi-Fi Card

      • To remove Wi-Fi card, first disconnect both display wires on the top right.

      • Then slide both of the metal pieces holding it down outwards, and it will pop up.

      • Carefully pull it out.

    • Removing Mini-PCI Port

      • Unscrew the screw holding the port's bracket down, then remove the bracket.

      • Carefully disconnect it from the motherboard.

    • Removing Top Plastic

      • Starting from the bottom right, carefully pry off the bezel. Use a small, flathead screwdriver if necessary.

    • Removing the Display

      • To remove the display, unscrew the screws holding it down. Along with the one pictured, there is another one on the top right edge.

      • Carefully unplug the its connection with the motherboard.

      • Now it will be free to move. Carefully maneuver it out.

    • Removing Lower Bracket

      • The bracket will be free to move, so remove it.

      • Then remove the small rubber piece covering the small battery.

    • Removing Speakers

      • This component is free to move, so disconnect it's connector and pull it out carefully.

    • Removing Fan

      • Unscrew the three shown screws, then unplug its connection with the motherboard.

      • **Since both the processor and graphics processor unit are attached to this fan with thermal paste, removing the fan might require some force and a flathead screwdriver to separate the paste from the fan.

    • Removing Processor

      • After removal of the fan, you have access to the processor. Locate its locking mechanism.

      • Use a flat head screwdriver and twist it carefully to the "unlocked" position.

      • Carefully pull the processor out.

      • ***CAUTION - If replacing the processor, make sure the small arrow on the corner aligns with socket.

    • Removing Modem Daughter Card

      • Unscrew three phillips screws as shown.

      • The connector cables are wrapped around components for organization so follow these, unplug them and carefully pull them free.

      • Then remove the bracket that was sitting beneath it.

    • Removing Metal Casing

      • Unscrew the Philips head screws as shown

      • It is attached to the smaller black plastic piece below it - carefully maneuver both of them out at the same time.

    • Removing Plastic

      • This will be free to move, so pull it out.

    • Removing Motherboard

      • Unscrew Phillips screws shown in red in the picture.

      • Unplug the connector (shown in turquoise)

      • Carefully remove the board

    • Congratulations

      • Now you're left with the motherboard and the bottom casing

      • This is as far as the teardown goes.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. Remember when reassembling to apply a thin layer of thermal compound on the CPU block.

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