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Bu teardown bir tamir kılavuzu değildir. Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 cihazınızı onarmak için, servis kılavuzumuzu kullanın.

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    • The opening procedure is straightforward, with a clever design that represents a dramatic improvement over its predecessors.
    • The M.2 SSD is fully modular and easy to access.
    • Torx Plus screws call for relatively rare drivers, but our standard Torx drivers worked in a pinch.
    • Display access is well-prioritized, but must be replaced as an (expensive) complete unit—subcomponents aren't modular.
    • While many components are modular, intricate layered construction makes them difficult to service.
    • The firmly glued-down battery will be very difficult to service when it inevitably goes kaput.
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What is the purpose of the metal shield covering the trackpad and keyboard cable connectors? Is it to protect them or it is just a barrier to prevent repair?

Dinan Blueje - Yanıt

It’s a form of electromagnetic shielding I assume. This is a very common design on smartphones but not on laptops, no idea why Microsoft does this.

Meng Ziyue -

Since there are heatpipes running all over these metal shieldings, it’s also reasonable to say that they act as a form of heatsink to even out the heat

Meng Ziyue -

@dblueje It’s likely a shield to protect against electromagnetic interference.

Finally, Microsoft has a laptop that can be opened.

Ethan Zuo - Yanıt

That’s unfortunate, because you can’t remove the shield without destroying it(so it will never go back in again).

Dinan Blueje -

The EMI shield can be removed quite easily you just have to work on it for 2 or 3 minutes with a pair of tweezers. I've done quite a lot of surface repairs and iFixit was most probably rushing to get the teardown out.

Mihai Zaim -

Is it possible to embed a string like dental floss with a zig zag motion to defunct the adhesive instead of prying the battery out if the battery dies?

Alvin Zhou - Yanıt

Probably, if you pour IPA/ Adhesive remover under the battery BEFORE flossing it out.

Dinan Blueje -

The display must be replaced as a complete unit? My screen is cracked so I am wondering how I would replace it and where to get replacement parts.

Thank you

Andy Batto - Yanıt

Hi, does anyone know if the Wi-Fi + Bluetooth module is replaceable? Is it soldered onto the motherboard or is it a module that you can remove? Thanks!

Jabran - Yanıt

What is clock (OSC) used on main boards Surface 13.5

Duoc Nguyen - Yanıt

i need feet for my friends surface laptop 3 13 inch because he messed them up when upgrading the ssd and i am going to need some for my 15 inch laptop 3 for when i upgrade my ssd just in case

Bryson Buchanan - Yanıt

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