Here we are with a broken, water damaged/bricked Samsung Galaxy S.

I've taken it apart before, so why not now.

Lets go!

Bu teardown bir tamir kılavuzu değildir. Samsung Galaxy S cihazınızı onarmak için, servis kılavuzumuzu kullanın.

  1. The phone itself!
    • The phone itself!

    • Notice the bad lighting, dirty phone etc. just proves how hi-tec i am.

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  2. Removing the boring stuff. Back cover, battery etc.
    • Removing the boring stuff. Back cover, battery etc.

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    • The battery!

    • It shows 1500mAh, decent.

    • also the manufacturing date is shown.

    • I added a piece of sticky tack, to cover up the IMEI code, again showing how hi-tec i am!

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    • This is the point of no return when it comes to warranty.

    • But that's okay, i'm using this phone for spares anyways.

    • Sticky tack

    • Screws, 7 to be exact!

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    • Here comes the first tricky part. it's easiest to start right under the volume button, and work your way from there.

    • Be extremely careful if you are using metal tools like i am. it will easily damage components if you accidentally jam it in.

    • And it's off!

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    • Lets see the innards of this thing.

    • The back camera.

    • And the front facing camera

    • The speaker, actually quite large.

    • Water detector on the plastic cover, as you can see, this is a water damaged phone. normally you would see a purple pattern.

    • Contacts, probably for antennas.

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    • Better close ups of the components.

    • Vibration motor

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    Spread the Fixmas cheer.


    Spread the Fixmas cheer.

    • Taking off the speaker.

    • Remember to lift the tab on me!

    • And it's off!

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    • Now for the camera!

    • Both the rear and front camera are a single component.

    • Lift the connector in picture 2 carefully! lots of components under it.

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    • Now for the motherboard!

    • Detach all (4) of these to get the motherboard out.

    • Done! (do not try to remove yet)

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    • Now detach the power button, its held down by a little bit of glue, not a big deal.

    • Lift it carefully, making sure no connectors are stuck on. Especially the one marked red.

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    • Front/back

    • Flash memory.

    • CPU running at 1Ghz, but can be overclocked.

    • Volume buttons.

    • Ill add more specific specs when i get around to it.

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    • Removing the cable for sim/sd card slot..

    • And it's off.

    • Bad white balance, sorry!

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    • The simcard/sd card slot.

    • And the stuff underneath.

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    • Now for the metal Shielding on the back! again, more specs coming (hopefully) soon.

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    • Parts parts parts!

    • And a bad white balance..

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    • Now for the component that holds the headphone jack, earpiece and both proximity and light sensor.

    • There is a cool app "androsensor" that lets you access all the sensors in your phone!

    • This thing quite literally just pulls off. you can remove it without any special tools!

    • Be careful not to tug on the cables too hard! there is some glue, but it peels right off.

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    • Now for the bottom portion, including the Mic, vibrating engine and the antenna board.

    • I couldn't get it off completely, but i can give you a good picture of what it looks, lets see..

    • We seem to be connected together!

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    • Disconnect, unplug, take off..

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    • Be extremely careful when taking off these little boards, they're on tight! and they like to bend around.

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    • see that? the AMOLED display is actually transparent!

    • Can't go farther than this without a heat gun that I don't have. I tried removing the bezel, but with no luck.

    • That's about it! Thank you for reading, and please give me feedback!

    • This is my first teardown, and pictures were taken with a functional Galaxy s phone.

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I would like to replace just the front lens of the phone , cuz the old one got cracked, can you do a tutorial on that , do I have to teardown the hole phone to replace the front panel without the digitizer.

Samsung galaxy s1 i900

Kasavin Drago - Yanıt

You have come a long way from this tear down to the ones done now!

Shreyas Bharadwaj - Yanıt

thank you. my son broke his Galaxy S sim card pins(third smart phone in five months!!!) and I am hoping to repair it myself with the help of your fix-it.Will let you know if I succeed.Margaret, April 2014.

margaret - Yanıt

Hi I dropped my phone and it the glasses shattered and totally shutdown when dead on me. Wondering any hope for repairs?

Nabikaly - Yanıt

What is the part number of the Bluetooth Chip here?Manufacturer?

Raul Piper - Yanıt

My phone has problem about on off

When it plug in to charger battery shows charging but it didn't on please tell the solution

Rohit Shinde - Yanıt

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