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Bu teardown bir tamir kılavuzu değildir. Smart Battery Case cihazınızı onarmak için, servis kılavuzumuzu kullanın.

  1. Smart Battery Case Teardown, Smart Battery Case Teardown: adım 1, 1 resimden 1.
    • Some "smart" specs for your perusal:

    • Up to 25 hours of talk time, 18 hours of Internet use on LTE, and 20 hours of video playback

    • Lightning Connector

    • Microfiber interior, silicone exterior

    • Compatible with iPhone Lightning Dock

  2. Smart Battery Case Teardown: adım 2, 3 resimden 1. Smart Battery Case Teardown: adım 2, 3 resimden 2. Smart Battery Case Teardown: adım 2, 3 resimden 3.
    • Printed on the soft microfiber lining we spot the battery case's model number: A1585.

    • With some clever ducting, Apple turned the downward-facing speaker into a forward-facing speaker.

    • Smart move, Apple! Users seems to enjoy front-facing speakers, could this be a test run for future iPhone designs?

    • The microphone also faces forward, and has the same extra grille over it as the speaker port.

    • The audiophile in us can't help but wonder how these changes will affect sound quality.

  3. Smart Battery Case Teardown: adım 3, 3 resimden 1. Smart Battery Case Teardown: adım 3, 3 resimden 2. Smart Battery Case Teardown: adım 3, 3 resimden 3.
    • The back of the battery case boasts its most important feature: an iPhone 4 backpack!

    • Jk...Probably.

    • While the Smart Battery needs its own external Lightning connector to charge and pass data through to the iPhone within, 3.5 mm headphone jack connectivity is provided in the form of...a hole.

    • As expected, the pass-through hole is perfectly sized for your iPhone's included Apple Earpods.

    • However, for anything bigger, you'll need some sort of adapter. No fancy studio-size jacks for this pack.

  4. Smart Battery Case Teardown: adım 4, 2 resimden 1. Smart Battery Case Teardown: adım 4, 2 resimden 2.
    • For you rose golders out there, you're going to suffer some reduced flashiness, as this case covers most of the shiny metal body.

    • Luckily, your camera's flash shouldn't be affected.

    • The case features a "soft elastomer hinge design" is bendy above the battery bulge, to allow sliding the phone in and out.

    • This works pretty well. You probably won't want to do it every day, but there's probably some kind of reinforcement in there (more on that later).

    • Just like Apple's last "Smart" device, this is going to be an unavoidably destructive teardown. Buckle up!

    • A hot iOpener softens the adhesive securing the soft lining, then some deft prying power peels the cloth layer away.

    • Peeling back the lining we get our first look at the "brushed" aluminum underneath.

    • We're theorizing that those unsightly scratches are there to improve the adhesive's bond.

    • We also spot a mesh interfacing that strengthens the silicone hinge, preventing fatigue damage. Cool!

    • A tiny hole in the microfiber lets the LED charging indicator shine through—an indicator you'll only actually see if you're charging your battery case without an iPhone in it.

    • So, approximately never.

    • Having unearthed a set of (unexpected!) T3 Torx screws, we get to work doing what we do best!

    • Today's screw-turning action is brought to you courtesy of our new 64 Bit Driver Kit.

    • This metal plate is a handy door into the battery compartment, and serves to both stiffen the case and protect the battery.

  5. Smart Battery Case Teardown: adım 7, 3 resimden 1. Smart Battery Case Teardown: adım 7, 3 resimden 2. Smart Battery Case Teardown: adım 7, 3 resimden 3.
    • Sweet, a battery connector!

    • First things first, we disconnect the battery to prevent accidental shorts or discharges. Always nice to see a battery with a connector like this, so we don't have to bust out the soldering iron.

    • The battery is very strongly adhered in place—probably so it can help stiffen the case to protect its precious cargo—your brand new iPhone 6s.

    • With 7.13 Whr (1877 mAh at 3.8 V) capacity, this battery more than doubles your iPhone 6s (6.55 Whr) capacity.

    • Although if raw power is what you're after, there are plenty of other options, with nearly double the power of the Smart Battery Case.

    • With the battery out, we got started prying up the logic board...and followed its cable deep into the lower plasticy bits of the case.

    • Looks like we're gonna have to cut our way in anyways, so we're gonna take a shortcut and break a piece off of this Kit-Kat bar.

    • With the lower portion of the case removed, we get to work snipping off its plastic sheath. The entire case (except for the flexible hinge) is made of a hard plastic, seamlessly coated in soft silicone. Tough, but comfortable to hold.

  6. Smart Battery Case Teardown: adım 9, 3 resimden 1. Smart Battery Case Teardown: adım 9, 3 resimden 2. Smart Battery Case Teardown: adım 9, 3 resimden 3.
    • We're free! After some dedicated snipping, that had us harkening back to teardowns of yore, we extricate the parts that make this battery Smart.

    • The two Lightning connectors are housed on the same board, with its connecting cable wrapped around a plastic frame.

  7. Smart Battery Case Teardown: adım 10, 3 resimden 1. Smart Battery Case Teardown: adım 10, 3 resimden 2. Smart Battery Case Teardown: adım 10, 3 resimden 3.
    • For such a Smart battery, it looks like most of the brains probably live in software on your iPhone. We only find some rudimentary ICs inside:

    • NXP Semiconductor NX20P3 load switch, also found in Lightning to USB cables

    • NXP Semiconductor 1608A1 (CBTL1608) charging IC

    Pins on both sides in the Lightning port?

    (In other words, is this passthrough connector a part we might see reused in iPad Pro cases or a future iPhone/iPad using the iPad Pro's new double-sided Lightning receptacle?)

    Scott - Yanıt

  8. Smart Battery Case Teardown: adım 11, 2 resimden 1. Smart Battery Case Teardown: adım 11, 2 resimden 2.
    • Smart Battery repairability 2 out of 10 (10 is easiest to repair):

    • Non-proprietary T3 Torx screws make repairs more accessible, but are covered by strongly-adhered microfiber liner.

    • Battery replacement is possible, but will likely destroy the microfiber liner.

    • The only possible repair—replacing the battery—is made difficult by very strong adhesive.

    • No other repairs are possible without destroying the device.

    I got my phone case wet and now it doesnt charge anymore is there anything i can do

    Nick Elias - Yanıt

Evan Noronha

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So it's a workaround for all the dead phones that can't charge because of U2 chip failure from non-Apple charger usage. Make and sell an external U2 chip-on-a-backpack to provide your phone with an externally chargeable battery. Way to spin that one Apple. Nice save.

jessabethany - Yanıt

The phone still uses it's own charging IC, this IC is most likely only used for charging the battery in the case and feeding battery charge data (from the Ti chip in the base of the battery) back via the lightning port.

Slot1gamer -

Any word on the "passive antennas" Apple mentioned.

timothywilliamson - Yanıt

Same question, +1

Mark -

Something in the upper left of the 3rd pics on Step 5 & 6.

Scott -

Might it be in the 2nd photo of Step 9? It says C15, 821-005xxx, 43mm on it, looks like a flex.

iMakeit -

Just one simple question. Dose this set of chips work for all lightning iDevices?

I know the case size does't fit the iPhone 6/6S Plus and iPhone 5/5S. However, you guys have it teared down. At this stage, certainly you can give it a shot for other iDevices. Why test this? Well, if this set of chip works with other iDevices, we may able to see Apple or third party Battery Case soon. Since those cases on the market is not able to show the battery usage in the notification centre yet.

Gizardry - Yanıt

no, it dont work

sacor22 -

I dont understand why Apple never added a better speaker into the bottom of the case.

edwardleonard17 - Yanıt

So does it pass through the 3V of the LiPo or does it (inefficently) go 3V --> 5V then make the phone go 5V --> 3V like every other iPhone external battery?

Noah O'Donoghue - Yanıt

I would think the 3V (3.6-3.7) is a limit set by the battery technology. Why if it's gonna charge over the lightning contact it needs to be transformed to 5V. I'm afraid that the current phone designs will not allow for any other way.

Maye though one could go for 6V with dual battery cells, and then bring it down to 5V.

But that would more than double the risk for a faulty battery, and complicate the charging circuits that would need to balance the cells, and make sure it would not charge if one cell is broke. If balancing would fail the result could be fire and explosion.

So just the risk would have Apple not to opt for a 2 cell version.

T Est -

Rather than peeling the case apart, it looks like you could place a template over this case and cut through the backing only where needed to remove the plate. That would cause virtually no functional damage.

kevinmcm - Yanıt

Why would you want to remove the plate?

stephenferrari -

If the 'smarts' in this case are actually in the phone -that would suggest the features which set this case apart could be available for any battery case.

The only thing that's different is the iphone has some way of 'knowing' that this case is an Apple one.

I'm sure someone can make an app, possibly it would have to be a jailbreak tweak, that makes the iphone recognize all battery cases, not just the official apple one and we'd have the same 'smart' features for any case.

stephenferrari - Yanıt

I wonder since the Iphone 7 doesn't have a headphone jack.. Might they put a DAC into the bottom to restore it? Since they iPhone 7 is a bit thinner too, it might have less battery capacity. Though they did say they were able to "add" some more battery capacity because of the removed headphone jack, and the A10 (might) use less power. That would be a win-win for people who want more battery life, don't "mind the bump", and grumble about the lost headphone jack. But it might be harder to sell AirPods. Especially if we have a “AirpodFallingOut-gate”.

And defeats the purpose of removing it to begin with to force people to "move on". And get researchers to figure out how to make a lossless Bluetooth codec that can reliably synchronize with video and remove (most of) the "buffering time" when the connection drops out. Maybe go lossy for a bit, continue real-time audio, and re-build the buffer at the same time. I don't know much about codecs, so that idea might be completely off-base.

jimwitte - Yanıt

my phone case got wet what can i do

Nick Elias - Yanıt

Dry it with a towel, use a vacuum cleaner to suck all the water out of the openings then put it in rice for about 5 or 6 days.

Ryan (RyanDaPlayer) -

Where could I find that battery? Looks like if I was just replacing that battery it wouldnt be very difficult, wouldnt damage much of anything, once you peel that felt off, it wouldnt look the prettiest after re-attaching but thats all behind the phone out of site anyway. Anyone/>?

Christian Postier - Yanıt

If you use hot air to warm the whole case up (like how samsung use a small low temp oven for their phones) the felt should come off in one piece and stick back like new (warm it back up to reseal).

Slot1gamer -

Silicon from my case is peeling off and it looks so ugly. How can i fix it? I wonder if i could just take this electronic piece and replace to new case but where i can find a new one reassembled new case?

sacor22 - Yanıt

I am looking to add a D ring into the corners of the case next to the headphone jack and the speakerphone to make this case into a purse. Is there anything in the corners that I would compromise?

jackieweiss34 - Yanıt

I’m wondering if I can drill a hole in the headphone jack to make it a bit larger and fit my new headphones. Does anyone know if this would destroy the device?

Shai Toledano - Yanıt

What are the dimension for the actually battery?

Drew Randolph - Yanıt

Brilliant! Just bought a brand new 6S, and the battery life is POOR; AppleCare agree to send me a free Smart Case!

Matt Foot - Yanıt

Does anyone know any links to batteries that would fit in the charging case? For iPhone 7 plz

Aaron Silver - Yanıt

I just teared down my smart battery case and i didn’t have to cut the bottom part of. You just have to remove the glue form the cornes and push with a small screwdriver the female connector. I didn’t have to destroy the device like you said.

Mine went to the swimming pool and my friend(the one that pushed me into) tried to removed the cover and broken the cover lighting connector i can find a place to buy just the connector.

Its was very useful! So sad! - Yanıt

Hi, my case has stopped charging, the phone picks up the case but there is only a 1/100 chance of the case charging by replugging the plug. Do you have any clues on why? Or how to fix it?

Kieran Mahon - Yanıt

Is there a place that I can send mine in for repair?

Dennis Porter - Yanıt

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