Complete teardown of the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact.

Bu teardown bir tamir kılavuzu değildir. Sony Xperia Z3 Compact cihazınızı onarmak için, servis kılavuzumuzu kullanın.

  1. Apply heat to weaken adhesive. If using a heat gun, use a higher temperature such as 150℃ for a minute because the waterproof adhesive sticker is strong.
    • Apply heat to weaken adhesive. If using a heat gun, use a higher temperature such as 150℃ for a minute because the waterproof adhesive sticker is strong.

    • Place the suction cup and pull to create a gap. Insert a guitar pick to cut the sticker and remove the back cover.

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  2. Sony Xperia Z3 Compact NFC is stuck to the battery and connected with the motherboard by metal springs, so free the connector at first.
    • Sony Xperia Z3 Compact NFC is stuck to the battery and connected with the motherboard by metal springs, so free the connector at first.

    • Remove all five screws from the rear frame.

    • Starting from the left corner, pry up the rear frame. There is no adhesive, so it's not difficult.

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    • Remove rear camera securing bracket.

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    • Release rear camera connector and take it away easily.

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    • Release all the connectors connecting with motherboard including the LCD screen connector and headphone jack connector. Undo the only screw on the motherboard.

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    • Pry up the motherboard from left side but avoid side buttons. It should come off easily since there is no adhesive sticker underneath.

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    • Before removing the whole motherboard assembly, we need to get the motor vibration free from it's sticker. It's not strong and easy to handle.

    • There are front camera, main flex, signal cable and battery come with the motherboard.

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    • Release the connector and remove the camera easily.

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    • The side buttons are fastened by clasps, which are easily freed. Release the connector and remove the main flex.

    • The main flex is smaller than other Xperia Z series devices.

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    • Remove signal cable.

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    • Detach the connector to the motherboard.

    • Next pull firmly on the two small black tabs protruding from underneath the battery. This stretches the adhesive strip and separates it from the battery and the motherboard.

    • CAUTION: This strip is easily ripped when under tension.

    • If it does rip then a sharp flat piece of metal or a knife should be used to cut through the remaining strip.

    • WARNING: This adhesive is very strong. Too much effort, prying or careless cutting may break the motherboard. The torn cover of the battery in the picture shows how strong the sticker is.

    Battery removed not properly, there are special glue.. You need to drag them out not cut.

    pietautojas - Yanıt

    watch out for the metal 'spring' fingers' round the edge of the baorad (but most? are just for shielding?) There are two at the bottom opposite side to the battery connector that are v fragile (next the screen connector). One of mine broke off. not sure what thats going to affect yet (one of the 'aerials?)

    Stephen2929 - Yanıt

    (probably the NFC charging capability)

    Stephen2929 -

    • Cut the adhesive under the flex and between headphone jack and midframe. And then pry up the sensors gently and remove the assembly finally.

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    • It's easy. Pry up and take it away.

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    • Heat, cut the sticker and remove it. Notice where the earpiece is and be careful not to separate them when using the guitar pick. It's easy to break the earpiece.

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    • The earpiece is affixed to the touch panel directly, which is why it not recommended to separate it when disassembling the screen.

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    • Done.

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I LOVE your work Sophia!

PLEASE also do a TOP VIEW shot as it would help me beter to look straight down. With or without tweezers is fine. JUST LOOKING Straight down would be better for so many reasons.


P.S. Or just do a single TOP VIEW at the END like this one from Dillon ! Pretty Please!

T-Mobile Huawei Prism U8651T Teardown

Top View - Yanıt

Awesome! Very neat, carefully explained with tips. Keep up the good work, you might save so many amateurs/experts & their devices!!!

Mahammad Suhail - Yanıt

May I know, what is the size of the 5 screws used on the back frame?

shariman91 - Yanıt

Great work, much appreciated!

A GENIOUS screwed my Z3C and now im in the process of fixing it up. Clarifies alot. Just a couple of questions, whats the best way to convey them to you?

Atif Rana - Yanıt

can u guys tell me where i can find rear camera securing bracket cause something happend when i remove it and now my wireless range is a 1 step far from router or i canot connetc to the router ...

Niklaus Yusein - Yanıt

after tear down and restoring it back, will the phone still be waterproof

Brian Choko - Yanıt

Does anyone know where wifi antena is located please?

postanadrate - Yanıt

just wondering….did you ever learn about the wifi / bluetooth antenna for the z3 compact?

thank you!

SA Kron -

Having a problem with GPS on my Xperia Z3 compact. Any ideas where the aerial/module are located? Thanks

Trevor - Yanıt

Ok so guys, I have three z3 compacts. Two of them are unfortunately useless as they won't recognize any screen anymore(they still turn on etc). I think this might be because of static electricity as I didn't wear an antistatic wristband(idiotic, I know). Does anyone have any tips as to what I can do to resurrect them? I've tried to clean the contacts with no success.

Also on my one functioning device I'm now getting a weak wifi signal after a reassembly. Is the antenna cable that we see the cable which also provide signal for the wifi? I didn't take it off, but it may have come loose and I'd like to know before I take it apart once more

Caelum Flaathe - Yanıt

just wondering…did you ever learn about the wifi / bluetooth antenna for the z3 compact?

thank you!

SA Kron -

OK so be careful with the vibration motor when removing the motherboard from the frame, if the motor is still glued to frame, you are gonna break the flex cable. Remove the motor from the frame before taking the MB out or you need to buy new flex cable.


Help, I need one component, chip size 0201 , probably resistor. Check images

Component next to it is resistor, I measured resistance of 1K5, but this component is missing and I don't know what is it and what value. Is there anybody who has opened or tear down Z3C unit to check this component? This component was probably smashed during screen replacement (cable disconnection), and probably cause why touch is not working.

zokonjazokonja - Yanıt

Broke the vibration motor flex when taking the motherboard out, be really careful with that

hyuuganeji47 - Yanıt

hello, the midframe has 5 screws but 3 short and 2 long, can you add the right position for this screws ? actually i have zwei short at the bottom, two long at the middle and one short at the top but i am not shure that i do the right thing - now i have magnetic screwdriver but at the moment of demontage i have only a simple screwdriver and then i must turn the frame to drop town the screws

Kai Kockott - Yanıt

Great manual thanks! I have also a question. Are the two speakers the same components?

Fritz - Yanıt

Does anyone know if there is a way to extract the RAM chip or whole processor part from one Xperia 3c to another.

The phone fell in water but it has some information on the RAM that i need, so i was thinking if i get a new working Xperia 3C and replace the RAM chip from the old phone on the new phone will it be able to show my data that i am trying to recover ???

Any and all help needed !!

Albert Tandrax - Yanıt

extra bizarre dude

Sima Tabs -

RAM Random Access Memory... if the Phone is powered off. There is no information on the RAM anymore.

I think you mean the flash memory... in Step 10 you see the metal covers... under that there will be your desired chip...

theoretically possible to solder one chip out and to put it into another phone... theoretically...

It would be easier to read it out, there are bga chip read usbsticks out there~100€ ... you need to know what chip you've got.

You need to heat up to 300°C and more to desolder the chip. These Chips arent specified to hold data on this temperatures...

you might make a data barbeque... may be you got luck...

it would be cheaper and easier to bring it to a shop to recover your data...

If you really wanna try it by yourself... dont forget the flux... and take more flux and ähm more ;)

Good luck

btw... the Z3Compact should be waterproof...

Fabian D -

Sorry for bad english. is there a way to remove the internal storage . or where can is find it when i break open the phone?

ydo - Yanıt

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