This is actually a reverse teardown -- a build-up, you could say -- of a Suzuki FA50's throttle cable. This was the best method I could think of to describe the stuck throttle cable problem I've been experiencing with my moped.

Bu teardown bir tamir kılavuzu değildir. Suzuki FA50 Moped cihazınızı onarmak için, servis kılavuzumuzu kullanın.

Here is the assembled throttle cable. It seems to be assembled correctly, but certainly does not function properly.
  • Here is the assembled throttle cable. It seems to be assembled correctly, but certainly does not function properly.

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The throttle parts.
  • The throttle parts.

  • The only logical way for me to assemble these parts were:

    • Insert needle into gold-colored cylinder.

    • Insert retaining clip on top of needle.

    • Then compress and insert the spring (see following steps on how the spring was inserted).

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  • The throttle cable without any parts.

  • The round, gray top screws into the carburetor.

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  • To assemble the throttle cable:

    • I first use a pair of needle-nose pliers to compress the spring as much as I can.

    • This allows me to insert the throttle cable into the gold-colored cylinder without having to meddle with the spring too much.

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  • I attach the throttle cable to the bottom of the gold cylinder and then route it through the cylinder's side slot.

  • The alternate view (picture 2) shows how everything looks internally.

  • After the throttle cable is in place, I let go of the spring into the cylinder.

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  • I'm simulating screwing on the throttle to the carburetor by compressing the gold cylinder against the gray cap. As you can see, the spring compresses, and the throttle cable pops outward.

  • When I twist the moped's throttle, the throttle cable goes inwards. I believe this is the desired action for the cable.

  • There are two problems, however:

    • Nothing pushes the throttle cable back out when I release the moped's throttle.

    • The throttle needle does not move, but to my understanding it should go upward when I apply the throttle.

  • Please check out my Answers question if you can help me solve this problem! Thanks a lot!

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which way does you set the throttle when you put it in

ladell - Yanıt

It appears to be correctly assembled however the cable isn't bottomed out on the cup to allow for free movement, I think you may have put a flat spot in to the cable itself that's not allowing the cup to bottom out on it and giving you the return movement.

Ken James - Yanıt

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