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The P20 Pro may not have a fancy dual-aperture lens, but it can laser focus. And deep focus. And phase focus. And contrast focus. Basically, it does a lot of fast focusing.

Officially, only the little 8 MP telephoto cam gets hardware OIS—the others, saith Huawei, rely on Kirin's Neural Processing Unit for things like predictive focus, settings for over 19 different scenes, and filter effects like bokeh.

That said, this sure looks like OIS hardware to us—three OIS hardwares, to be exact. Are you holding out on us, Huawei?

The primary RGB camera uses a 1/1.7 inch sensor (for reference: iPhone X 1/2.9 inch, Samsung Galaxy S9+ 1/2.55 inch) and has a maximum ISO of 102,400—ready for nightly skyline shots and party pix.

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