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We open up last year's 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar for a quick comparison—and if we were to judge a MacBook by its cover, we'd say these were the same machine.

Apple says this butterfly keyboard is a bit quieter, but otherwise unchanged. After banging away at the keys in a side-by-side sound-off, we definitely perceive a lower, less clacky tone, but any difference in decibels is difficult to detect.

Of course, if you saw our early report on the 15" model, you probably already know where this is going. No reading ahead! We're getting to that.

The biggest change so far: a new model number—A1989, and EMC 3214.

X-rays also show the return of the modular headphone jack, and provide a peep at the Thunderbolt hardware—which now runs at full speed on all four ports, thanks in part to the 8th-gen Core processor's four additional PCIe lanes.

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