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From the outside, this new Mini looks exactly like a downsized version of the equally-new iPad Air.

Spoiler alert: judging by the X-rays, it's not a downsized new iPad Air. It looks exactly like an upgraded iPad Mini 4.

The new Air, meanwhile, is based on the last-generation iPad Pro 10.5". (Stay tuned for our Air teardown, coming in about a day.)

Meanwhile, Apple also sells the iPad 6 (or just "iPad"), which itself is a reworked version of the original iPad Air.

Did you get all that? Because we haven't even mentioned the latest iPad Pros yet. In fact, let's go ahead and not mention those.

We pull a cellular-capable iPad Mini 4 from the lab to confirm our suspicions. Headphone jack: check. Big bezels: check. Home button: check.

About the only exterior clue that gives away the new model is its model number, A2133—oh, and the loss of those regulatory markings on the back, which all live in software now.

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