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With the 10.5-ification of this Air, the updated display gets Apple Pencil support—but only second-class, leaving the new Pencil 2 exclusively to the Pro line.

We also spot some extra adhesive near the top of the screen—aww, Apple you shouldn't have. No, seriously.

Responsible for turning your finger pokes into ones and zeroes, we have:

Intersil 24882B (seen in the 10.5" Pro)

Parade Technologies DP825 timing controller (previously seen in the 10.5" Pro)

Texas Instruments TPS65195 level shifter (seen in the Mini 5)

The size is similar, the Pencil support is similar, and the chips are similar to the 10.5" Pro. However, the Air is missing one notable Pro feature—the cool ProMotion 120 Hz display.

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