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Notably absent from our initial chip findings is the Balong 5000, HiSilicon's multi-mode networking chipset that is supposed to be the powerhouse of this 5G cell.

On a hunch, we coarsely chisel off the extra Samsung LPDDR4X chip to find …

HiSilicon Hi9500 GFCV101! This is most likely the Balong 5000 we're looking for.

Just to be sure, we pry up the Micron memory chip as well. Sure enough, underneath slumbers the HiSilicon Hi3680 GFCV150, also known as Kirin 980.

Our hot air station had the day off. Deal with it.

It looks like the 5G modem comes bundled with its own block of dedicated LPDDR4X memory—a whopping 3 GB of it, if we've decoded those Samsung package markings correctly. Is that a giant data buffer? This is the first 5G modem we've seen in the wild, so sound off in the comments if you know more than we do.

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