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The display generator combines data from the raster managers and contains the DACs necessary to drive video output as well as 2 graphics outputs.

This DG4-2 contains circuitry necessary to drive 2 graphics monitors.

This DAC drives the video output, so InfiniteReality can output to a television or VCR via svideo or composite (BNC and RCA) connectors.

The optional DG4-8 can drive up to 8 graphics monitors. Outputs 2-7 have a reduced pixel clock of 180 MHz, whereas 0-1 run up to 220 MHz.

Sirius Video is an advanced video interface providing real-time video input, output, video-to-texture, and DMI capability. The daughterboard connects here.

The PAB2 Sirius Video daughterboard contains two ASICs and an FPGA. It is used to send graphics information from the InfiniteReality pipe to the Sirius Video VME motherboard. This Onyx does not have the full Sirius Video outfit, only the PAB2 daughterboard.

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